Today I want to introduce everyone to a new aggregate, which is not yet sold in our stores, this is a device for making samsa, even I would say mini samsa from Princess it is called Samboussa maker
This unit was kindly provided to me for testing by Comfort-MAX.
I have to try and tell if we need this unit. But asking a sick deviceaholic is necessary or not is difficult.
But having tried it in practice, I can definitely say that the unit is needed.
The unit is very compact with excellent coating of the inner plates.
The unit is divided into such mini triangles, of which there are 24 pieces.
This, of course, is not a multi-machine Princesska, or the so beloved Tortilka by everyone, this is a more narrowly focused device, but how convenient it is to bake various pies with and without fillings in it.
Very easy to use, excellent coverage like all Princess devices.
At a time, a large batch of finished products is obtained, a very interesting shape, which is convenient to eat.
A wonderful device and very time-saving.
From ready-made puff pastry 0.5 kg and various fillings, 24 mini pies are obtained.
I am inserting a few photos here.
And a little later I will open a topic with recipes for what I have already done.
The video will also be.

Mini samsa maker from Princess Samboussa maker

Mini samsa maker from Princess Samboussa maker

Mini samsa maker from Princess Samboussa maker
well, some baking
Mini samsa maker from Princess Samboussa maker
Mini samsa maker from Princess Samboussa maker
Mini samsa maker from Princess Samboussa maker
Mini samsa maker from Princess Samboussa maker
Mini samsa maker from Princess Samboussa maker
Mini samsa maker from Princess Samboussa maker
With meat and pepper. Draniki mushrooms

Oat Triangle Recipe

With lingonberry

Cabbage with onions

Samsa from chouxed unleavened dough with chicken

Mini calzone, Samsa from dumplings with minced turkey and pork

Sugar-free diet muffins with rice and corn flour, Cottage cheese casserole with semolina without sugar

Bread with oatmeal and semolina (Yuliya K)
Quote: Tanyulya
or so beloved by everyone Tortilla,
Not all

I want such a thing, why isn't it for sale here, it's not fair
Sedne, Sveta, promise autumn sales.

Oh, in my opinion, such a device was seen and discussed a little in the topic about Gala's trip to the Princess plant.

I'll follow the Temko) Thank you, Tanyusha
Tatyana, well, autumn is not soon I need everything at once

By the way, it seems to me that you can still make mini pasties.
Mrs. Addams
Cool bite pies
Tatyana, thanks for getting to know the new device - you already want to!
Moreover, Princeska. Heating is also from above, but what is the power?
And besides puff pastry, will it work with some non-high-calorie dough?

Tanya, and did you try different dough or only with puff?
What a sweetheart) I love everything tiny and neat
Power 1400
Tried with puff - excellent
with yeast for 4-
with filo dough 5-, 4 +
dough type dumplings -3
well these are my grades.
with thin lavash for 5
I haven't tried the dough as for samsa.
tried the type of lazy khachapuri5 +++
Now I'll draw the recipe, and I'll post the video a little later, I shot it yesterday.
Natalia K.
I'll follow the Temko. A very interesting device.

Quote: Sedne
I want such a thing
Light you are not alone. I also want to
An interesting tool. Not very small pies
And I will follow the Temko.
I like the Princess firm very much.
Yuliya K
An interesting aggregate! I would also love to get one! And the power of the device is good ...
Here, one has only to leave home and something interesting immediately begins

Tanyulya, I’ll come and ask for some pies.
Olga R
What a nice and interesting device) I will also follow Temko. I already want to buy
Tanyulya, Tatyana, damn I already want and already cry! !!!!!!! I really need it !!! Pretty, how I love all mini ..will appear again only in Russia, you will have to ask a friend to buy, I will follow the topic !! Well, you can't read this to me, every time I say to myself all this is the last purchase !!! But figs !! Well what to do ?? !! Tanya, how much will it cost? Only if you can translate it into euros ... thanks ..
It's even good that such beauty will appear in the fall, there is time to clear a place for it
For now, I'll paste the video I took on my phone. The full video will follow.

Quote: Tanyulya
from Princess he is called Samboussa maker
Interesting device! I will follow the topic.
So there is overhead heating?
Yulia, and upper and lower.
I even turned it over (well, I'm used to coups)
The coup survived perfectly.
and if you compare with sandwich makers, it is clear that the size here will be more convenient for absorbing portioned sweets for one or two bites, and what is the thickness of the triangles? the same or deeper cells?
To me! I really need one! For large families - the very thing. "More in number, at a cheaper price, smaller in size. "I'm talking about pies. Why so? But I will explain: MY children love sweets, but for a long time they (children) have one big sweets. Not our size. That is, we (me) are more comfortable with small sweets, but mnoooooooooo ... And it will be like in that joke: we don't eat everything, but I bite. In short, we need it!
I just thought, it's a pity that it's not square, so that the puff pastry can be put all the leaf at a time without cutting
Oh, Tanechka, you're a straight temptress!
Until such a MIRACLE reaches us, you will go crazy!
At least I will be glad for the Russians!
Thickness as in a sandwich maker in the deepest place
Quote: Brown-eyed

I just thought, it's a pity that it's not square, so that the puff pastry can be put all the leaf at a time without cutting
vooot, about it I thought the same.

Kestrel, Anna, my husband is happy with the size, for two bites.
Albina, maybe the path will be trodden to you later
and with berries, puff pastry? not wet?

interesting of course the estimated cost
Vera, no, the dough is not wet, only a few extreme patties flowed.
Oh, what a thing! Princesses never cease to amaze and inspire!
Quote: Tanyulya
several extreme patties flowed.
out or into the cells? there are no sides?
Veraout. The excess dough did not need to be cut off and nothing would run, just the edges did not stick together.
yeah, thanks, I can already imagine how I will make mini-cheesecakes or mini-cutlets there ...
Is the cord long? Or as short as that of different popsnits?
Quote: Sedne
Is the cord long? Or as short as that of different popsnits?
Yes, almost the same. Tomorrow I will accurately measure.
Tatyana, eh, that's what the Princesses don't like so much this cord length.
Tanyulya,: girl-swoon: While I'm trying to figure out, or I need Tortilla and a tart-girl, there is still a new headache.
I can not find on the site of the Princess. Girlfriend. good Dutch was attracted to the search .. we find nothing.
And Google corrects me from Sambussa to Samosa.
Beautiful, of course, the appliance .. but maybe it's a mini sandwich maker
sooo looking forward to the movie!
Vikus, there will be a movie one of these days.
I don't have time for anything
Quote: Tanyulya
I don't have time for anything
Yes?? And I think you are a meteor lady.
Every day I'm waiting for Tanyulya to open the topic ... I saw your toy on Instagram ...
I, too, when I saw the toy on Insta, also caught fire in a non-childish way.
When I saw her for the first time, I decided that I didn't need it. There is a sandwich maker - that's enough. And then I thought, thought and decided - I want to. The size is smaller, more at a time. The beauty! Even if I actively bake in all my devices only when I retire, I still want to.
Quote: Trendy
Even if I actively bake in all my devices only when I retire, I still want to.
here I am of the same opinion
Girls, hello! A year ago I bought a similar aggregate Saachi samosa maker. 15 triangles with sides 6.5 (7.0) * 6.5 (7.0).In Princesses, the arrangement of the cells is more convenient, in Saachi there is an empty space on the sides, the dough from which you have to remove before or after baking. Power 1400, panels are removable. Made in China. The baking quality is about the same. Several times I baked boxes from ready-made puff pastry, but for me this dough seemed too fat. Thanks to Tanyulya for the new test options that can be used in such a sampler. Girls, my message is by no means an advertisement, I just thought, if someone is unbearable, they can try this aggregate until it appears from the Princesses. I, too, would not refuse him, from the Princesses.
So I kind of calmed down, but I want this too, pretty thing.
Well, hello new Wishlist! I will wait with everyone. Tanya, and pre-order is not planned as with Tortikas? It would be very nice ... and in general, I wonder what price my husband should cook for ...
And even to measure the size of the pies with a ruler
Alla, the size of the cells is 7.5 * 7.5 * 7.5, which means the finished pie is somewhere 7 * 7 * 7
For all other questions to Valery S-t.
Masha Ivanova
Great thing! Boom to take!

S-t! The next order from us to Princess is a waffle maker for Hong Kong waffles. In order not to order on any foreign sites, but to buy safely in Russia. If you are interested in which one, write to me in a personal, I will tell you more.
In the meantime, you are on top! Bring in an excellent device again! Thank you so much!
Cool toy! Turned over the Internet and found the same one from Ariete
Masha Ivanova
plasmo4ka, Angela! And what are the sizes of the triangles? In general, the Princess, of course, inspires more confidence. For the quality of the coating in particular.
very interesting device !!! everything can be done in it, convenient, small portions, suitable for one person, to do a little and eat in the hunt, and for a large family))
Elena, I have no idea. We have neither the one nor the other on sale. I bit my sponge and will wait, maybe someday dealers will mature either for one or the other. In Russia there are whispers, so there you can through e-bay, and there are obviously other options. They position it like the ARIETE Waffle Iron 00C020100AR0 Samosa Maker Rot

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