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Cutlets / meatballs (recipe for catering establishments, 1955)

Cutlets / meatballs (recipe for catering establishments, 1955)

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Cutlets / meatballs (recipe for catering establishments, 1955)


Cutlet mass:
beef (or pork, or veal, or lamb, or a mixture) 111 g
wheat bread 27 g
milk or water 33 g
salt pepper
onions or garlic (optional ingredients) 10 gr or 1 gr
vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

  • Oh, yes, table cutlets !! How many copies were broken on this occasion, how many people quarreled to pieces, how many families parted forever! The photo, however, is not very good, but it did not work out better with artificial light ...
  • They have a pronounced, "correct" taste of cutlets. Unclouded and unmasked. I really liked it!
  • So there is nothing else in them: meat, white bread, milk / water, salt. No rye bread, no yesterday's pasta, no other dining "delicacies" and our inventions))). Onions or garlic are allowed, but even these are optional. Such terrible grams are given directly in the Collection. You will need to recalculate the amount of minced meat. I always weigh the main ingredient first and start off from its amount, counting the rest of the recipe. How to recalculate quickly and without problems is indicated in the note (I will copy it the last time so that you do not climb on other topics))).
  • 1. Make minced meat if you have meat. If you will make minced meat with onions - it is at this stage that you will scroll it with meat. According to the recipe, it is necessary to subtract liquid when adding onions (if 100 g of onions is added, for example, then the same amount is subtracted from the liquid).
  • 2. Cut off the crusts from 2-3 days old white bread and add liquid (milk and / or water). In fact, the amount of liquid is not critical. It will not spoil or change the taste of cutlets (especially water))), it will only affect the viscosity of the minced meat and the juiciness of future cutlets. Pour in according to the recipe and see the result. If your bread clearly requires a little more water / milk, pour it. The moisture content of the bread and, accordingly, the amount of liquid that it absorbs can be different. And we definitely don't need dry cutlets.
  • If you want to get the "original", then you should stick to the recipe. Because give or take a pound of meat or bread or add carrots, chop cabbage and so on))) - believe me, this is not the same. These will be two different dishes. I have learned this strictly.
  • 3. Add garlic (onions, if you are using onions - add at the stage of minced meat production).
  • 4. Season with salt and pepper, mix well.
  • 5. Stick cutlets or meatballs. Cutlets: flattened, 2-2.5 cm thick, with pointed ends. The beats are exactly the same, but round.


The procedure for recalculating the recipe for your number of products (taken from my own topic about casserole)

At the same time, I will now teach you how to recount recipes to fit your needs. Suddenly someone doesn't know how. I do this all the time, because I really love the recipes of the Soviet public catering. I have a lot of books, but there it is forever either for 5 kg of flour (it's good if, or even for 100 kg, they come across))), then for a portion (some kind of minced dumplings: 146g of meat, 43g of onion ...). And so sit and count.))

So that's it. Equip yourself with a calculator - it greatly simplifies the process.

We take a casserole with raisins, which is 120g of cottage cheese. For example, you have 680g of cottage cheese in the refrigerator and you would put it all in a casserole and attach it. It's simple. Divide YOUR 680gr. for 120g of the RECIPE and get 5.66. This is the factor by which all other ingredients in the RECIPE must be multiplied.
I.e. cottage cheese 680g
semolina 5.66X10 = 56.6gr (rounded to 60gr)
sugar 5.66X15 = 84.9g (of course, we round up to 85g)), etc.

If you have fewer products than in the recipe, everything is the same, but your coefficient will simply turn out to be less than one. For example, the recipe contains 4800 g of flour, but you want to take 500 g of flour. All the same, divide YOUR amount of product by the amount of the RECIPE. 500/4800 = 0.104 is the factor by which you will multiply the rest of the recipe. Mandatory rule: the products that you divide must be in the same calculation: both in grams or kilograms, both in liters or milliliters ...

thanks for this recipe! I will definitely try, otherwise I think my cutlets have already deteriorated in taste! and thanks for the order of recounting the recipe!
Natul, thanks! Everything is good (for the stomach and mind)! Thank you very much. I will definitely use it.

yes, the food in the corner is not bad

well, if you add more bread to my cutlets and reduce the onion, then you get stolovski
yes, you knew
Natasha, do they look like cutlets for 7 kopecks? oh, a forgotten taste: girl_cray: how much my sister and I loved them ... homework wasnt enough to give us 7 kopecks per piece

Oh, in the corner I finally have a resort !!! "You are ... Come in ... If anything!" (C)


Tanya, save meat, have a conscience! Bread is not a pity. Tell your husband so: you don’t even feel sorry for bread! He will appreciate))).
you will not believe - I don’t even feel sorry for him!
Quote: qdesnitsa

Natasha, do they look like cutlets for 7 kopecks? oh, a forgotten taste: girl_cray: how much my sister and I loved them ... homework wasnt enough to give us 7 kopecks per piece

This is the recipe for cutlets, according to which they cooked (MUST BE !!))) in canteens. From the Collection of recipes. There are several variations of cutlets in the Collection, it is possible to make a more "economical" version of these cutlets. What did you sell in the form of cutlets for 7 kopecks - I don't know !! It could be a personal version of a local chef))). But +/- it should be them.

Quote: ok

Believe it or not - I don’t even feel sorry for him!

Of course I won't!
Quote: Scarecrow
It could be a personal version of a local chef)))
doubts aside: it was definitely a personal version of the cook!

Quote: Scarecrow
But +/- it should be them.
ooo-what are we optimists: +/-, current -!

in our canteens there were 7 kopecks each, 12% of not bread, but meat was probably, but they were delicious, crummy, which was alarming for some reason.
I persuaded, mother of three children, I’ll add bread, but I’ll leave the onion, and the water also became more juicy, yes!
Scarecrow, Natasha, thank you so much for the cantelets, I will definitely do it, straight nostalgia, kaneshna took it to, as well as your meatballs ...
My baby, with love for everything from the store, I hope he will appreciate ...

And you tell them that this is the most that neither is from the store. These were sold in every "store" when you were little. I got a recipe especially for him !!!)))
Yeah, so I will ...
* Anyuta *
And I'm in line for a table recipe ...
Quote: Scarecrow
If you want to get the "original", then you should stick to the recipe.
I want to get the original! Minced meat is ready. Everything is doubled. Applied electronic scales. "Hanging" on the line "bread crumbs". This component is not commented in any way in the order of preparation. Then he caught himself and decided that they were introduced for deboning cutlets. I'm going to fry.

Yes, for crumbling cutlets, of course))). I hope everything worked out)).
I am reporting. Cutlets (experimental sample) turned out. Tasty! I confirm - it tastes like cutlets in the school cafeteria. The recipe is fully followed with a factor of 2 (300 gr. Ground beef). Not enough water is indicated - topped up, but did not measure. Next time I'll add some more water for more juiciness. But ... these will no longer be table cutlets for 12 kopecks (or maybe 7 each - there was still a small one). Yes! Fried on position 1 of the electric stove switch for 7 minutes. from each side.



Great report. Thank you!
Yes, I didn't have enough water either.But water is not scary. This is not a recipe deviation. It does not change the taste.
Wit, turned out appetizing!
At one time, the head of the factory canteen, her good friend, taught my mother how to make cutlets correctly ...
As her friend used to say, the main thing is to knead the minced meat thoroughly, knead it, knead it and, if you need to add water or milk, little by little. By the way, it leaves a lot of liquid ... And then fry .. she also told a secret .. On the one hand, fry the cutlets, turn over, cover and reduce the heat to a small, but not minimum, and most importantly, open the lid or put a match under the lid (we and put a match) so that there is a small crack and steam comes out, then the juice will not pour out of the cutlets and the cutlets will remain juicy and lush ...
Cutlets in our family are made only according to the w / u recipe ... In my opinion, nothing better has been invented ...
I have a lid already with a hole and still the juice poured out decently. Next time I will knead more thoroughly and add water.
[img 🔗]

I even open the lid with a hole. I do not know why, I put a match anyway. Maybe I don’t trust the hole?
The juice will come out, but the cutlets will still be juicy. If the lid is closed, then all the juice is poured out and the cutlets become dry ...
I knead and beat the minced meat with Kitchen. I put the K-shaped attachment for soft dough and go. To a "sausage" consistency. When the threads begin to stretch. This is how minced sausage is usually made. I usually add water well. With this procedure, the minced meat will absorb the liquid well.

Fry - I've been frying like this all my life. It's not even a secret, it's the basics of frying cutlets. Mom taught me at one time: a fairly strong fire, to the crust, turn it over, the same strong fire, until the crust, reduce the fire to medium-low, cover with a lid and leave a decent slot for steam to escape. Otherwise, the cutlets will steam and they will flow. In the meantime, the fried crust is not steamed and rather tough - it locks the juice inside.

I want to try how Cooking in 1952 teaches - fry the oiled in a very hot oven. Oil splashes during frying are very tired))).
And in recent years, I don't bother with frying, I just bake it, put it in a hot oven and that's it, I bake it until crusty, and it's healthy and clean
Quote: Scarecrow
It's not even a secret, this is the basics of frying cutlets
Well, if you know these basics. And if not? Of course it's a secret ...
By the way, many people don't know how to fry cutlets properly. Not everyone has mothers who know how to fry cutlets correctly and tasty ..
We are lucky in you to have such mothers .... Good health to them and many years to come!
This is yes. My mother cooked and cooks very well. Hence, I have a delicious food habit and many skills. What some people take for granted (like, I know this from birth, so everyone knows!))) For others - a whole discovery. I myself have been directly discovered several times!
Quote: Scarecrow
several times directly America was discovered!
Yes, it also happened ...
Irina F
Chucha, let me kiss you, my dear!
Well this is what you need !!!!
Vkuuusna, as in childhood !!!!
Mine ate cutlets with great pleasure!
Irina F,

What are you messing with, dear ?! You have exactly the same book! You can get ready there. Although there are so many things that the eyes are in different directions ... Irinka, fish meatballs are ripening in my oven now ...
My husband told me about one man that at home he could never get enough. He needed table food. And he went to the dining room sometimes for 2-3 spoons of food eaten there. And immediately he got satiety.
Scarecrow, thank you very much for the delicious cutlets !!! I made it in the evening for a try, because I loved the table cutlets. Of course, they are not at all similar to those that we had in the dining room (there was much more bread there) But what a VKUSNYATINA it turned out to be !!! Very juicy and delicious! I decided to split one cutlet with a fork - so she sprinkled on me well, like a Kiev cutlet, no less
And the kids liked it

Ahhh, I’ll go for my meatballs or something ...))) After such a description, there is a terrible hunt ...
Quote: Scarecrow
I want to try how Cooking in 1952 teaches - fry the oiled in a very hot oven. Oil splashes during frying are very tired))).
From this moment on, Mona is more detailed, pazhalsta I have completely unlearned all sorts of pans, baked and stewed everything is an electric cupboard and our everything is multi

qdesnitsa, Lesik, share your experience: what is the temperature? Which mode?
Scarecrow, Thank you very much!!! The cutlets turned out to be delicious !!! Juicy, fluffy, I took 900g of meat, added more milk, put the minced meat in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and fried it without breading. Thanks for the tips on frying, all the cutlets were kept juicy. Only in the canteen I did not eat such cutlets. Cutlets / meatballs (recipe for catering establishments, 1955)

Oh, what, I'll crack right now, like cutlets I want))) ... Okay, I won't crack, I have manty))).

Yeah, amazing. that you didn't eat such cutlets in the dining room. They're from MEAT !!
Quote: Scarecrow
They're from MEAT !!

that's for sure! Now I will make only according to this recipe, they reminded me of the cutlets that my grandmother and aunt made in the village. All simple ingredients, but delicious! And I always added fillers to the minced meat and I did not like the taste. In general, I will tell you, as always, a successful recipe that always turns out
Natasha, I love you! Thank you for your recipes! Everything is clear and in grams, as I love!
And special thanks for the cutlets! Even my dry, sinewy elk meat yesterday was in cutlets according to this recipe at a height and not dry at all. She received praise from the children, and the youngest picky not only ate 1 cutlet, which in itself is nonsense, but also asked for the second
Thank you thank you thank you!
Now I'm going to make a bake according to your recipe
Now I am sitting in thought: cutlets or khinkali ... Ooooh.
And I fry cutlets, covering with such a lid Cutlets / meatballs (recipe for catering establishments, 1955) - and fried and steamed great!
GOST cutlets are the most delicious!
Quote: Scarecrow
I want to try how Cooking in 1952 teaches - fry the oiled in a very hot oven. Oil splashes during frying are very tired))).

NataHave you tried this? Happened? Please share. I really want to cook schnitzel cutlets in the oven too ... Always, to be honest

Yes, I tried it, everything works out fine. I took a thin baking sheet, greased it with oil, the oven mode is top-bottom (so that it is fried and the juice does not flow terribly), to the maximum (I have 230gr), heat it up, grease it with oil on top and into the most preheated oven.
Natasha, how long does it take?

And I watched that they were fried (not very much, so that they did not have time to dry out) and that's it. Well, maybe 20-30 minutes.
Quote: Scarecrow
oil on top

do you need to bread cutlets? or just mold and oil on top?

do we bake on the middle level or on the top?

Thank you

I, unfortunately, only have convection, so probably first the maximum, and then I will subtract ...

I do not panic, I just grease it with oil. Convection is very dry, be prepared. Set the temperature to a vigorous one so that the crust grasps immediately and closes the juice. Place on the medium level, because you need to brown evenly from the top and bottom.
But in canteens, cutlets were baked in ovens, or rather in an oven
And I didn’t see it, they put it like that.

The Collection says to lubricate. I remember exactly reading about this technique. I'll even find it, probably now.
Quote: Scarecrow
The Collection says to lubricate
If I am not mistaken, the collection even describes at the beginning this very technique that is used in canteens, kindergartens, etc. ... Combi-steamers, ovens, meat grinders ... With pictures ... There are such units! The scale is amazing ... And the technical characteristics too!
I found a leaflet I photographed from Cookery (a folio of all times and peoples))), at home I’ll even look at the Collection for enterprises (usually they copy each other.but for reliability - I'll take a look):

Cutlets / meatballs (recipe for catering establishments, 1955)
Quote: Scarecrow
I took a leaflet from Cooking (a folio of all times and peoples))), at home I’ll look at the Collection for enterprises (usually they copy each other, but for reliability I’ll look)

Priceless information !!! Thank you!

And I guessed that the cutlets had to be somehow sealed before the oven - I heated a tray of butter in the oven, then put the cutlets on it ... But I didn't finish putting the cutlets and turning them over !!!

The temperature of 280-300 degrees is impressive !!!
We'll have to look for this collection or Cookery on Avito or in online second-hand booksellers and take, I feel. Nowhere without him !!!
Scarecrow, Nata, dear, and what size or weight of cutlets before frying? : girl_cleanglasses: Is it written there, in the cherished book? I always have trouble with size, sometimes big or small. I need some kind of standard, a template, in the end !!!!
And thanks for the information on frying, I just did not know such nuances)))

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