Pear condensed milk

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Pear condensed milk


Pear 4 kg
Sugar 1 kg
milk 4 l
soda 3-4 tsp

Cooking method

  • Peel and core the pears, cover with sugar, let stand until juice appears. When the juice comes out, simmer for about an hour over low heat, stirring so that it does not burn.
  • Then cool and grind with a blender, the pears are already softened, very quickly break into a homogeneous mass. Put to cook, add a teaspoon of soda to the hot mass, so that the milk does not curdle, then pour in the milk and cook until thickened. Hours 4-5. over low heat. It is better to take the milk from the country.
  • At the very beginning of cooking, you can sometimes stir it so that it does not burn. For the last hour or two, you need to stir constantly. I always turn on the film, watch and stir until the condensed milk becomes the consistency I need.
  • I cooked in several steps, leaving and the next day, as time allowed me, cooked. Pour into sterilized jars and seal. It stands perfectly, not a single can was swollen and opened.
  • The recipe was given to me by a lady friend, according to it you need to take:
  • 1 kg of pears
  • 1 kg sugar
  • 1 liter of milk
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda,
  • but there is a lot of sugar here, we have sweet pears, I added only 800 grams of sugar for 4 kg of pears, and it turned out sweet, but not sugary. The taste is something incomparable, the taste of a pear is not felt, it resembles boiled condensed milk or milk toffee. I like it very much for both children and adults.
  • Made from apples the same way, delicious, but tastier from pears. Instead of milk, I added sour cream, the result was a whiter, tender mass.
  • Cook, surprise and treat!
  • Pear condensed milk
  • And here in the photo I have condensed milk boiled with sour cream.
  • Pear condensed milk

The dish is designed for

1.5 liters

Time for preparing:



In the summer I did not have the opportunity to supply the recipe and again I cannot, so at the request of the girls I am exhibiting it now.

marika33, Marina thanks! We don't have pears, I'll try from apples. And wait, it's not a problem to cook, you can buy apples to try.
Please, Tonya, I'll be glad if you like the recipe. Moreover, you have milk. It is better to use country milk.
I also cooked with apples, but not as tasty as with pears.
Marinochka! Thank you very much! Now this recipe will definitely not get lost!
As soon as fragrant pears appear, I will definitely do it!
Nastya, you are welcome! Be sure to cook it! I was given this recipe when the pears were already leaving, but I still managed to select and cook. In winter, she was in demand with us. Everyone wanted to try to make a biscuit cream out of her, adding butter or sour cream, but she never did. Eaten with tea, bread, or simply spread on a biscuit.
marika33, Marinochka. THANKS so much for the recipe !!! Already bookmarked! I will definitely do it! got a question. !, 5 liters of the finished product comes out per 4 kg of pears?
Mila1, Lyudmila, please, prepare an unusual condensed milk. everyone we treated had no idea what it was made of.
Yes, Luda, from 4 kg of pears, I got 1.5 liters. But you can leave more volume, only it will not be thick.
Marinochka, hi-I caught a glimpse of your recipe, I'll take it myself, I'll try to cook it !!! Thanks for the recipes !!! : rose: And now I have read and realized the whole scale, wow !!! there are people with imagination, I will definitely try to cook! Marina, one more thanks!
Elena Kadiewa
Thank you, Marisha, pears don't grow here, but we will have to try.
There is no homemade milk, but if you add 10 percent cream?
Loksa, Oksana, if you add cream, condensed milk will be even tastier and more tender. I cooked one portion in fresh, rustic sour cream. It turned out very tasty, but very high in calories.
elena kadiewa, Helen, well, you can cook a little, on imported pears.
Please girls, cook for the joy of your family and yourself. It is better to eat something so sweet, cooked with your own hands, than to buy a chemical product in the store.
marika33thanks for the recipe? And what does it look like? Does it look like caramel condensed milk in cans,
or not?
Tell me, if you cook it in a slow cooker for the last 1-2 hours, you don't know in a mode like "Simmering", you still need to stir all the time? I like everything about this recipe, except for stirring the mixture for 1 hour.
Marina, but you can roll it into jars, canning?
CurlySueElena, please! thanks for your attention to the recipe!
You mean boiled condensed milk? It tastes similar, but not so thick. I think that if you put sugar in it according to the recipe, it will be very thick, but I don't want to use so much sugar.
The problem with constant stirring exists. But in a basin, moisture evaporates faster, and in a cartoon it will not leave like that, even if the valve is opened. I can't answer for sure, I didn't cook in the cartoon.
I was not bothered by the constant stirring, usually in the summer there is no time to watch something interesting, but at this moment I took a convenient opportunity.
TatianaSaYes, Tatyana, I poured boiling water over the jars, poured condensed milk into it and corked it, without sterilization. Another bank was opened today. Stored in the basement, no problem.
Marina, thanks for the delicious recipe. I will try to cook it in the summer, my own pear still does not bear fruit, but you can find it.
Interesting! take in the bookmarks!
What then is the point of cooking from pears if pears are not felt? Maybe there is some special taste or something else is felt in this condensed milk?
Nata, I understand that there is still something from pears, if not with apples. The taste is not so easy to describe in words.
marina-mm, Marish, please! the recipe was tried by me and approved by the whole family and guests!
Rada-dms, Olya, thanks for your attention to the recipe!
Scarecrow, Well, to taste only pears, you have to eat fresh pears. And about the taste of pear condensed milk, I wrote:
Quote: marika33
resembles boiled condensed milk or milk toffee.
I cannot accurately convey in words. After all, there is no one opinion on taste and color.
Marina well, how can you read such magical recipes at night? When there are no pears or country milk at home ???
Bookmark unambiguously and look for an alternative.
marika33, The recipe was bookmarked. In the season of pears I will cook, just did not understand how many spoons of soda. The recipe says 4 teaspoons, and in the description add a teaspoon of soda. How much soda is needed for 4 kg. pears? I really don't like it when soda is felt in the finished product.
kolobok123, Natasha, yes, we agree, we are weak, we cannot resist the tasty and beautiful. I looked at the meat yesterday Elena Tim here climbed into the refrigerator and cut the same, only turkey breast.
Natasha, try to cook with apples first, they are available throughout the year. And milk can be replaced with cream.

Bottling, In the soda recipe, I have 4 tsp for 4 kg of pears, and in the original it is for 1 kg of pears, respectively 1 tsp.
Actually, I poured less baking soda, I don't really like it either. I'll even fix it, put three teaspoons per 4 kg, because I also take much less sugar.
marika33Marina, if you cook from apples and use as a cream, boil it harder, will there be a thick layer? or not boil down to thick sour cream?
Ksyusha, it is better to boil it thicker, the mass then becomes more elastic.
And if used as a cream, then whipped cream or butter is better, right?
Oksana, my hands never reached the point of making the cream.I suppose it should work if you add sour cream or butter and beat everything.
I've never even seen anything like it, Marishka! What a delicious piece! Our southerners are lucky: everything is growing with you.
Irina F
Marinochkawhat an interesting condensed milk !!! I really wanted to cook one! Let's wait for the harvest of pears and apples!
Thank you!
Mikhaska, Irish, you can buy a little pears and cook, try to make it from apples, it also turns out delicious. Or move closer to where everything grows.
Irina F, Irina, please, and thank you for your attention to the recipe! Yes, we will wait for the harvest and cook condensed milk!
Marina, I tried to portray this dish, maybe it didn't work out very well for me. My apple puree was not very sweet, cooked in a micron-0.5 liter, I took it, set it to cook and added soda there, it immediately turned into "sea foam" (how do you have such a reaction after soda?) , then I added cream (they were open, they shouldn't have sour), I won't say that they curdled after adding, there was foam with cream. I put it to cook, after three hours this is how it looked, I have to write that I didn’t really interfere with them, but they didn’t stick. But maybe it is necessary to interfere so as not to curl up? I got a condensed soufflé - very tasty, the taste of boiled condensed milk, although I may not have worked out as it should, I will definitely remake half of the puree-jam into this tasty treat. Pear condensed milk I boiled down to a thick, slightly different color, more brown. After adding soda did the puree brighten ?!
I made a cream from this condensed milk, added butter to that portion of 100 grams of butter - it turned out delicious, cutter:
Pear condensed milk wanted to whip cream, but last night was not in the store, and did not want to look. A very curious recipe!
Oksana, thank you very much for the illustrative photos!
Ksyusha, how much soda did you add? I don’t remember my foaming so much and for a long time.
I am glad that you liked the recipe and you have already created a cream from it. Clever girl!
And I went to the basement and brought apple condensed milk. But I cooked it with sour cream.

Pear condensed milk
You have it, too, lush, it can be seen that this is also different from the apple pear! I added a little more floor. h. spoons of soda.
Yes, apple condensed milk tastes differently. And in terms of structure too. It is more airy and a little like grainy. Pear is softer.
Oksana, you have it the same as mine, only a little lighter, but this may be the way the photo was transferred.
You cooked first again, well done!
I have already put on a pear, so I’m still hunting for sleep, I’ll probably stop and continue tomorrow!
Oksana, this condensed milk is convenient to cook, the process can be stopped and continued the next day.
We are waiting for your impressions. Moreover, you can compare an apple with a pear.
Cooked, the consistency is thick, puree. Why do I have mashed potatoes? Maybe pears are not boiled. Or maybe because of the cream? Does milk have a liquid consistency?
Taste: delicious, I can't yet determine which one I like more: apple or pear? How is it grit, "not disassembled?" It is quite suitable for creams, even in pure form. It seems apple has a richer taste of boiled water, but I don't remember. It is necessary to leave two views in order to understand.
In the end, I got tired of standing over it and put it in the micron, it was so niche, it was seething there and it seemed to be cooked faster, we must try the whole process in the micron, Marina, what do you think?Pear condensed milk I must try the conference pear, mine were solid.
Oksanchik! Do not take the conference under any circumstances! They are nothing - no smell, no taste, except sweet. The girls made jam with them - they spat.
I'm also thinking of making condensed milk in a micron: every 15-20 minutes I will punch it with a blender so that it does not clump. It remains to find fragrant pears ...
Anastasia, how do you like mine ?!Pear condensed milk Do you think lumps? It does not clump, it foams. Isn't it squash caviar?
And my pears, too, is not about anything, it was necessary to shoot to taste, how it boils, maybe Marina will bring criticism that I'm not boiling right, maybe it is necessary to interfere so that it does not foam ?! Milk or not - cream - when it boils, it thickens and begins to foam, if you remember! That's how mine is thickened.
My MR approved, said: it looks like a butter log, but I got a crazy idea: try to cook without sugar. Actually, this is a long-boiled product, and it should work out well if you make puree in a micron and then add cream ?!
Oksana, it is possible that you got the mashed potatoes because of the variety and quality of pears. Cream thickens too.
I have not tried to cook in a multicooker, but if it is with milk, you need to evaporate a lot of liquid there, if you just open a multicooker?
At the end of cooking, I think, you can shift it to a mikra - a cartoon, because you need to interfere without leaving, so that it does not burn and it still starts shooting in different directions.
We all like pear more.
Nastya, condensed milk is not going into a lump, it is like a liquid puree.
Girls, the taste of pear condensed milk certainly depends on the quality of the pears. We have very sweet and juicy pears.
Oksan! Yours is very homogeneous, as I can see!
Maybe you just need to make a smaller fire so that it doesn't foam too much?

But I'm not sure that it will be the same for me, everything crumples up all the time, so I set myself up in advance to punch with a blender. No, you have to look for fragrant pears and cook already! And then it is unfounded to clog the topic here, even inconvenient ...

I just thought, from fragrant fruits we have? Dried apricots and nectarines came to mind. If you run, you can find inexpensive dried apricots, turn them into mashed potatoes, add to apples and boil a very aromatic condensed milk.
And when there are inexpensive nectarines (if they ever will be such), do the same with them - add a couple to apples for flavor ...
Oksana, you have made a very thick condensed milk, I would also like to bring it to such a density. But I had to boil it down for a long time. If there are pears this year, I will definitely cook with cream.
Ksyusha, can I put less soda for you so that it doesn't foam? I got it up for the first 2 hours, even ran away when I missed it, and then it didn't foam anymore.
Yes, the taste cannot be described in one word. Tasty and everyone sees their own in this condensed milk.
marika33, Marina, I was guided by the color, in this case. But the taste of boiled condensed milk in an apple appeared faster. By the way, I can taste both apple and pear. But I still kept this one in the micr 3 times for 6 minutes, mixed every 3 minutes. There, after all, you open the mikru - the mass boils and with a hat, you mix it. But it is not a watery consistency, but a puree consistency. So after all, we cook mashed potatoes, be it a pear or an apple, they are unlikely to become water.
And I have soda for 1 kg of pears - 1/4 tsp, literally a pinch!
Marina, I'm not in the cartoon, but in the microwave.
Marina, cooked apple condensed milk yesterday-today. Today I cooked in the microwave. I have applesauce from dacha apples without sugar, so I put it into business, eat the volume right away. It turned out interesting.
Yes, Marina, condensed milk is unusual. Did you like it or not? And your men?
Marina, I like it. And I haven't fed my own ones yet, they'll come back home, then I'll find out. I will do a small volume in the microwave, no need to stand over it, does not spit, evaporates well, came up, mixed and is free.
marina-mm, Marina, I'm glad you liked the condensed milk. I hope that your men will also like this unusual dessert.
Girls, today I baked a poppy seed cake and decided to prepare a cream with pear condensed milk for it.
I took a village, thick sour cream and condensed milk, a little less than the volume of sour cream. I beat it with a blender and got a lush, delicious mass, to taste the Soviet ice cream crème brulee. She did not grease the cake, but put it in the freezer.
In general, it turned out very - very tasty ice cream.

Pear condensed milk

This is a pre-freeze cream.
Irina F
Marina, be stunned !!! You can also make ice cream !!!

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