Salt-free bread or Chloride

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Salt-free bread or Chloride


flour 1 grade 520gr
serum 370gr
pressed yeast 9gr
lemon juice (not added) taste

Cooking method

  • It is difficult to find salt-free bread on sale. But it is very easy to bake it yourself. Bread is suitable for people on a salt-free diet, whether it is a method for losing weight, or a method for getting rid of edema during pregnancy, or for other medicinal purposes. The bread is prepared with whey, the taste is simple - not salty bread! And since bread is usually eaten with something, some may not notice the difference. I always add very little salt to my bread ... for a 1.2 kg loaf of less than 0.5 tsp (measured from CP) this is very small, but the taste does not seem salty, because we are already used to it and everything is balanced ...
  • Any bread can be baked without salt, just remove the salt from the recipe! You can compensate for the lack of salt by adding lemon juice. In dried bread (toaster, oven, grill), the salinity is almost invisible.
  • Salt-free bread or Chloride
  • Salt-free bread or Chloride
  • Salt-free bread or Chloride
  • The dough was kneaded in a bread maker. Add yeast to the whey, let it dissolve, sift the flour. Knead the dough for 10 minutes. I left it for proofing in the turned off bread maker for 1.5 hours:
  • Salt-free bread or Chloride
  • The dough came up:
  • Salt-free bread or Chloride
  • Form the bread:
  • Salt-free bread or Chloride
  • Proofing 1h15min (see by approach):
  • Salt-free bread or Chloride
  • She baked for 10 minutes with steam at 200g + blowing, then 30 minutes at 170g.

The dish is designed for


Time for preparing:


Cooking program:

bread maker, oven

NataliARH, Nata, what a handsome man!
NataliARH, handsome bread
Handsome bread!
Virgin, thank you for the compliments, I baked ordinary bread for the competition at the very beginning, when there were only 2 bread in the competitive recipes .... I baked several loaves and then there was no time .... I'll post them just for participation, so that they don't disappear. .. good luck to our bread maniacs
Quote: NataliARH
She baked for 10 minutes with steam at 200g + blowing, then 30 minutes at 170g.
And if there is no steam function, as I understood, you can put a bowl of boiling water? And then pull it out for 10 minutes? So you can open the oven in 10 minutes, right?
And the recipe was interested in how the whey will be, I will definitely try to bake it.
Olya, everything is like this: rose: I do not have a steam function, I heat the pan together with the oven, and then there is a mug of boiling water .... the bread can be additionally sprayed from the spray bottle, I can even spray it sometimes during the baking process by opening the oven
Curious bread without salt! Thank you Natasha! !
NataliARH, thanks for the hint. I'm still that baker, I'm still learning
Oksana, you can gradually get rid of the "white poison", reduce the amount of salt in cooked food and bread, use more seasonings ...

Olya, oh, of me, too, the baker is not the same for our bakery masters

Natasha, a chic sample of salt-free bread

Salt-free bread is still baked by Italians, and they use it in bouters with ham, pancetta, and salty products. This has been accepted by them since ancient times, when salt was too expensive.
It was interesting to watch how, in an ordinary family, pancetta is cut on a huge slicer, which is installed in an honorable place in the kitchen - this is how traditional ham and salt-free bread are used in everyday life.
It's just that yeast-free bread is unusual, you can't eat much, but with a piece of sliced ​​bread on it - great!
And on the table on a large tray, next to each other are ordinary bread and salt-free bread - to whom what, and in what cases.
Quote: NataliARH
when it was in the competition recipes
Did I miss something? What kind of competition?
Tatyana, THANK YOU

olaola1, here is such a bread competition
NataliARH, thanks, I've already seen.
lettohka ttt
Gorgeous bread! Thanks for the recipe! I will definitely try!

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