Radish salad with green onions for the winter

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Radish salad with green onions for the winter


Radish 3 Kg
Green onion 1 kg
Greens 2 bundles
Salt 80 g
Vinegar 6% 200 ml
Vegetable oil 250-300 ml
Bitter peas or chili peppers 20 pcs. / To taste
Seasoning for Korean Salads at will and to taste
Water 1 l

Cooking method

  • Grate the radishes on a special grater or cut into half-centimeter dimes, fine can be left intact. Chop the onion coarsely, chop the herbs and fresh hot pepper finely, mix with the radishes. Heat the oil and cool slightly.
  • Put salt, hot pepper, seasoning for Korean salads in the water, boil, add vinegar.
  • Pour 2 tbsp into the bottom of each sterilized half-liter jar. l oil (in liters - 3-4 tbsp. l), put vegetables with herbs, trampling down with a spoon, pour over with pouring, sterilize small cans for 15 minutes, liter cans - 30 minutes, roll up, turn over, wrap.
  • Such a pleasant salad for the winter, for a change in the table. The radish crunches, the seasonings add pungency and aroma.

The dish is designed for

10 cans with a capacity of 0.5 l

Time for preparing:

2 hours

Cooking program:

sterilize where convenient


I roll up such a salad either at the beginning of summer, when there are a lot of radishes and onions and we cannot manage to eat them even with the help of my friends, or now, in late autumn, when the coming frosts will certainly destroy the radishes, onions and herbs.
I put any greens, mainly dill and parsley, cilantro is good, leaf celery, just not dzhusai or garlic feathers: the smell of radishes does not go well with garlic.
Vinegar, of course, can be taken from wine, and grape, and apple, and any other homemade. Any oil is also suitable, by the way, I put it even less than provided in the recipe.
I add seasonings and hot peppers in different amounts to each jar: some more, others less, and others I don't put at all. The same can be changed right on the plate.
I sterilize it in a heated airfryer. I don’t pour a lot of brine, because when heated it spills, only up to the "shoulders" of the jar, and before rolling up the lid I add brine, which by that time has quietly boiled in the pan.

A recipe from such an ancient book, no matter how I rummaged through them, could not find it; well, it is posted, for example, on RussionFood. True, I slightly adapted it to our tastes.

TATbRHA, An interesting recipe, thanks, bookmarked until spring.
Where have you been before, where have you been before ... That you came to me so late !!!! Tanyusha !!!! I had nowhere to put radishes. I even tried to freeze it.
Bookmark before harvest !!! Thank you dear!
Irisha, it so happened that last year's radish rolls, as expected, ended by spring. In the summer I didn't roll it: guests came and helped to fight the harvest. So just now ... I'll fix it!
Have you ever tried to preserve the daikon? Something was ugly, we don't know what to do with it
I think the daikon will be even tastier!
little micha
I didn't like the bow. I will only try radishes.
little micha
I tried to put some onions today.
It will crunch great in the marinade and will be delicious!
Luna Nord
I would also experiment with your salad, but somehow scary, radish in a jar ... I have never even tried canned.By the way, you can probably also Chinese green radish ... so big?
Try it. Of course, the radish can also be preserved. Everything can be preserved! We liked the taste, it's so interesting, I make it a little every spring and autumn.
little micha
Tried 1 jar of your onion salad. Bookmarked for life. I will take it to nature and put it on the table.
little micha, pleased.
little micha
So that the radish is not pale pink, I added a piece of raw beet to each jar.

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