Bavarian sweet and sour cabbage stew (option made with fresh cabbage)

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Bavarian sweet and sour cabbage stew (option made with fresh cabbage)


Fresh cabbage 700 g (half a row)
Onion 1 PC. large
Carrot 1 PC. average
Garlic 1 prong
Thyme or marjoram 1 tsp
Sour apple juice (white wine) or diluted apple cider vinegar 100 ml
Sugar 2 tbsp. l.
Salt taste
Granulated mustard 1 tbsp. l.
Caraway taste
Apple (optional)
Any kind of bacon or duck, lard. taste

Cooking method

  • I was surprised to meet the recipe for Bavarian stew made from fresh cabbage.
  • It turned out that this option is also quite widespread. Therefore, the task turned out to be not an easy one - we had to "climb" our and German sites in search of the most authentic, correct recipe, but it didn't work! There were a lot of variations, I had to delve into and understand what is common and important in them, and what are details and a tribute to the own tastes of individual housewives.
  • The main thing is not to use vegetable oil, but only bacon or duck fat.
  • You can acidify with apple cider juice, apple cider vinegar and dry white wine. Of the three times I liked the apple cider vinegar option, but, in fact, I have been doing this for a long time - maybe they just got used to it.
  • Cereal mustard and / or garlic are often present. Garlic in stewed cabbage is a novelty for us. We love cumin and thyme!
  • When I cooked with such a complex composition of spices, I realized that this was exactly what the fresh fresh cabbage demanded. I would also add bell pepper, but I have never seen such an option.
  • If earlier we loved only sour stewed cabbage, now this option will also be often in demand.
  • I got such a recipe the third time.
  • - Chop the bacon meat and start frying in a skillet or slow cooker.
  • - Chop the onions, grate the carrots and add to the bacon, fry until
  • golden onion.
  • Bavarian sweet and sour cabbage stew (option made with fresh cabbage)
  • Bavarian sweet and sour cabbage stew (option made with fresh cabbage)
  • - Add the thinly sliced ​​cabbage to the pan and simmer until the cabbage is soft. Make sure that the cabbage and onions do not burn !! They will taste bitter and take on the "stolovsky" spirit. (All from our own experience:) Periodically interfere.
  • - Salt the cabbage, add sugar, crushed and chopped garlic, mustard, acidify to taste with the selected option, sprinkle with herbs, reduce heat and simmer cabbage until soft. Do not extinguish, please, especially if you are cooking in a slow cooker.
  • Bavarian sweet and sour cabbage stew (option made with fresh cabbage)
  • Bavarian sweet and sour cabbage stew (option made with fresh cabbage)
  • - I always add caraway at the end, he manages to "make friends" with cabbage and not swell. (I do this also when pickling - I add cumin when transferring to jars after souring cabbage.)
  • They ate cabbage with Bavarian meat bread and beer! Everything turned out very harmoniously!

Cooking program:



Even a comrade liked this option, who does not really "respect" cabbage.

Rada-dms, interesting cabbage. And what kind of vigorous green seasoning?
Rada-dms, there is cabbage, there is vinegar left to buy bacon !!!
This is how it happens

For me, since childhood, stewed cabbage from fresh is familiar. I still can't eat sour stew.
This is what my grandmothers did, and they live in different parts of Ukraine, this is what my mother-in-law (or rather both mothers-in-law) did, this is what I and many of my friends and acquaintances do.

And you can acidify it not with wine / vinegar, but by adding tamat paste or juice or tomatoes at the end. If tomatoes, then not at the very end, but to stew.

It is possible without bacon, it is possible with bacon, delicious with ribs. And just on sunflower oil it is also delicious!

And Bulgarian sweet pepper is also possible ... in short - whoever likes it

Here are just no mustard, never used this component. Need to try.
Natalie07, in Ukraine everything is deliciously cooked from cabbage, and the tomatoes are excellent! and borscht!
But with tomato paste I have already fed up somehow in my entire life. I want new tastes !!
There are many recipes, and everyone has different tastes and habits. I don't even like stuffed cabbage with tomato. pasta, I can also add tomato to the sauce. Therefore, I liked this option very much.
But those who dress cabbage with tomato and flour may not be suitable .... I would not recommend adding mustard if tomato is used. In any case, if you want something new, it is better to use a recipe, and then remake it for yourself. This recipe is exactly German.
I sometimes do sour with prunes, apples and without tomatoes (or symbolically). It is delicious with mushrooms without tomatoes.
The Germans make very sour cabbage, and therefore use natural vinegar or wine. Well, at least we ate this.
And the mustard is strictly granular, of course.
Thank you for telling us how they do it in Ukraine!
kokoshka, yes, pork, bacon! Oh, they forgot about the beer !!!!
Thanks for noticing the recipe! :)
So I did it with tomato, but now I'm fed up and lately acidified it with lemon juice + sour cream + water + butter and liked to add green peas.

kokoshka, yes, pork, bacon! Oh, they forgot about the beer !!!!

Rada-dms, I also make stuffed cabbage without tomato paste. I found the recipe in the collection Molokhovets. There either no tomatoes at all, or a mixture of tomato paste and sour cream.
So the family concluded that it tastes better without pasta at all

Yes, I suspect that tomato paste + mustard = ...
although you can try, what if?
kokoshka, an interesting option with sour cream and lemon juice !!!
Glad, did you do it yourself?
If so, then cut off the time in the stewing stages. I'm afraid to extinguish. I love strong cabbage.
If you acidify with wine, then wine, as I understand it, should be sour?
Alternatively, I have white balsamic. Will it fit?
I'll come back for an answer tomorrow. Eyes are already sticking together
Arka, Nata, I don't even know what to tell you! The cabbage is all so different that, for example, now I am so fragrant and thickly veined, I blanch it, just pour it in boiling water, so it becomes soft in just a minute in boiling water.
So do it better the first time in a frying pan or saucepan, you can use the multicooker mode. In this mode, at the stage of bringing the cabbage to condition, you can always open the lid and taste.
If you do it in a pressure cooker, then all the same, at the initial stage, everything is fried without a lid, (5 minutes on baking, if Orsson or Shteba are on the frying, follow and stir. Then, in fact, the cabbage for two minutes, just quench it, you don't need to fry it, so that it doesn't taste bitter (I don't like cabbage fried to a brown color!), in this recipe, such a frying will not work. Well, then bring it to readiness under the lid, if at pressure in the Stebe, then no more than 5 minutes on PORSE. In Orsson it is more difficult to calculate the time Better to extinguish it later than to extinguish it.
White balsamic works great, but ley tastes good! Good wine is now difficult to find, especially white, and it will still add its own taste. Apple cider vinegar can and goes very well here. Good luck!
You teased me with a question, tomorrow I will finish off this head of cabbage according to this recipe!
I also wanted such a cabbage. My mom doesn't eat with tomato. Maybe he will deign to this. Thank you
So I got bored with tomato. I have half a cabbage, I want to try the "white" one.
Chuchundrus, Natasha, I advise you from the bottom of my heart, I like it!
Since you're tutocks ...
In what proportion should the vinegar be diluted?
Cabbage is already stewing
Nata, on glaaz lei !!!! Do you know what new experiences
Add to taste.
Bavarian sweet and sour cabbage stew (option made with fresh cabbage)
Thank you! Everyone liked it! Kisses!
Arka, very, very happy! How much did you put out?
Wow, what other delicious meat is there!
This is beef liver.
She stewed for a long time, 2 times a multi-cook for 40 minutes started at 100 degrees. I was afraid to fry. everything is fine! The cabbage is still crispy! And this is super!
I diluted the balsamic so that it was slightly sour than apple juice and then added a little more, I wanted to add sourness. And I added another clove of garlic, because the first one could not be heard, apparently it was extinguished with vinegar. The second truth is also not very audible, but added to the overall bouquet.
Sautéed in duck fat. When I find "human" bacon, I'll try it on it. You can't buy bacon from us now, continuous additives of unknown purpose and preservatives. Why salt is not a preservative for them, I do not understand.
Arka, do it just on bacon, if you want to repeat it, and everything will be ok! And I, too, about my numerous "competitive" ducks and juice, and duck fat - it's great that you suggested, otherwise the brains are not boiled from night vigils !!!
And Ivanych also laid out duck noodles. So I sautéed onions with carrots for 2 dishes at once. So, go and see if you can build your supplies too
Arka, I saw, cool noodles !!!
Radusechka, thank you for the cabbage! It turned out just like in our expensive beer restaurant, very tasty !!!! I am now thanks to you superpuperca empty extinguisher b, and my beloved son-in-law will be so glad !!!!
Summer, Olesenka !! : girl_love: Firstly, I'm terribly glad to see you - I rarely see you, and even less often we intersect! Smack thee !!
And for the good feedback on cabbage, special thanks, I also really like this option, yes, and I keep carcassing all the time. Before this recipe, I stewed more and more sauerkraut, and now I fell in love with fresh.
Pleased, thank you for that !!!
Radochka, tell me where to look for an option with sauerkraut. I also want to make it with sauerkraut. Thank you.
ninza, and I also do sauerkraut, I just take into account the acid (vinegar or juice can be excluded then or a little), and you can add more sugar, and no tomato (very rarely one spoon). Sometimes I add prunes to sauerkraut, and almost always an apple.
Here is a recipe, I would combine both !!
Radochka, dear, thank you for your attention and great advice!
ninza, Ninochka, there’s no reason, I want it to be tasty not only for me! I went to clarify the recipe to cook on the weekend, but here such words are pleasant!

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