Squid iren7
Squid in tomato sauce V-tina
Squid fried in a multicooker Bork U800 kil
Squid "Treasure Island" (for Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH) lada-matushka
Squids with vegetables smoked on skewers in Brand 6060 smokehouse SchuMakher
Squid stewed in sour cream (multicooker Brand 37501) Melisa72ru
Stuffed squid for the oven and for the multi-chef Bork U800 kil
Stuffed squid (multicooker DEX) Khryukin's Chronicles
Stuffed squid (Brand 6060 smokehouse) vernisag
Stuffed squid (multicooker) SchuMakher

Carp in wine for CUCKOO 1054 Omela
Carp in sour cream for CUCKOO 1054 Omela
Carp on a potato pillow (slow cooker) koziv
Polissya carp from Arkina's grandmother Arka
Stewed carp in sour cream (multicooker PHilips HD 4734) Laslovna
Carp stewed with "winter" vegetables in the MOULINEX MK 7001 multicooker Gael

Stewed potatoes with fish Tanyulya
Steamed potato-fish soufflé (pressure cooker Polaris 0305) Shelena
Coho salmon using sous vide technology in the Steba pressure cooker Tanyulya
Canned fish in pressure cooker Unit-1070 tat-63
Canned pike in a multicooker-pressure cooker Redber MC-M600 (power 1000 W). leno4k @
Canned fish in a pressure cooker vernisag
Smoked fish (Steba DD1 ECO multicooker-pressure cooker-slow cooker) Mar_k
Smoked-dried ripus dopleta
Smoked Roses (Brand 6060) vernisag
Smelt in the Brand 6060 smokehouse MariV
Fish cutlets Tanyulya
Chopped fish cutlets Tanyulya
Smoked shrimps in Brand 6060 SchuMakher
Thai Royal Shrimp in Curry Sauce Tasha.B
Boiled shrimps (pressure cooker Brand 6050) Ksyushk @ -Plushk @

Trout stew viksvik
River fish stewed with vegetables in the Comfort Fy 500 pressure cooker Sandy
Risotto with crab Arka
Smoked pink salmon and mackerel roll (Brand 6060 pressure cooker smokehouse) SchuMakher
Mackerel roll (Yummy YMC-506 multicooker) _Lilichka_
Mackerel and pink salmon fillet roll MariV
Sea bass rolls in Steba DD1 ECO ElenkaM

Fish "A la Sprat in tomato" in a slow cooker celfh
Fish in a multicooker Moulinex Minute Cook CE4000 Tusya
Fish in sour cream sauce with mushrooms Alicia
Fish in tomato sauce (canned) in the Comfort Fly pressure cooker LLika
Fish in parchment in Steba DD1 ECO ElenkaM
Fish in a fur coat with garnish (ARC pressure cooker) Beretta
Baked fish with cheese Admin
Baked fish with vegetables in a slow cooker koziv
Baked fish with vegetables and cheese Admin
Baked fish of the "koktal" type in a Panasonic multicooker drying
Red-eyed fish in a multicooker Polaris lana0878
Fish on an onion pillow in a slow cooker Dolli70
Fish on vegetable cushion Keti
Steamed fish (fast, tasty and hassle-free) Elena Bo
Marinated fish zvezda
Fish under the vegetable cushion Vinca
Shatilov-style fish in a slow cooker Iskra
Fish and potatoes in a multicooker Polaris 0508D floris lisa567
Fish and potatoes (multicooker Aurora) ang-kay
Fish and potatoes with cheese (Steba DD1) ElenkaM
Fish with potatoes and pickles in a bag MariV
Fish with carrots and onions in sour cream Tanyulya
Fish with vegetables Tanyulya
Fish with vegetables, baked in the "sleeve" in a multicooker Redmond RMC-M70 Grigorieva
Fish with tomatoes in sour cream (Panasonic multicooker) GruSha
Steamed fish and leeks in a Panasonic multicooker Lola
Fish stewed with vegetables and rice in a multicooker-pressure cooker Steba DD1 Linadoc
Fish stewed in milk (Multicooker) lesik_l
Stewed fish with carrots in a slow cooker Lola
Fish "Quick dinner" in a multicooker Phillips 3077 Natali0902
Fish in tomato juice Cook
Fish on the baking program (Multicooker Stadler Form) vernisag
Sour cream fish with vegetables (Oursson 5015 multicooker-pressure cooker) RepeShock
Fish with ruddy potatoes in the Bork U700 multicooker Elena Tim
Small fish stew in a slow cooker Admin
Canned fish Natalie266
Fish cutlets "Lush" (pressure cooker Polaris 0305) Shelena
Fish cakes with oatmeal (Steba DD1 pressure cooker) musya
Cod fish sticks in Steba DD1 GTI Tatiana
Fish meatballs (dumplings) in tomato sauce with vegetables Tanyulya
Fish pie Margushka
Fish terrine with green peas Staya
Fish cake in a slow cooker Liberty MC-860 Nadiia

Carp with tomatoes (Cuckoo 1054) Omela
Sayadie (fish pilaf) in a slow cooker MariV
Hot smoked saury and Kamchatka smelt MariV
Saxon cuisine - Cod in mustard sauce olgea
Herring salad with beets (Heringsalat mit Roten Rueben) marmelad
Sous-vide squid salad (Steba pressure cooker) Olgushechka81
Saltimbocca from the sole (multicooker Brand 701) MariV

Stewed herring in oil (multicooker) Elenka
Stewed herring in tomato sauce (Multicooker) Elenka
Stewed herring with potatoes in a slow cooker Kseny

Salmon ala Sous-vid Steba DD1 ECO Mar_k
Steamed salmon in Chinese cabbage (Brand 6050 pressure cooker) Admin
Salmon in a cocked hat (electric smokehouse Brand 6060) MariV
Salmon and asparagus in Sous Vid Steba SV-1 Masinen
Salmon smoked on cherry and rosemary sprigs in Brand 6060 MariV
Salmon on a pillow of apples and peppers in a slow cooker Admin
Salmon with avocado (Multicooker Stadler Form) vernisag
Salmon with grapefruit MariV
Salmon with potatoes and cheese (Steba dd1) masinen
Salmon with lime MariV
Salmon with vegetables and ketchup in a slow cooker Elin
Salmon (trout) steam euge
Salmon (trout) with rice in Steba DD1 ECO ElenkaM

Seabass, branzino, sea wolf - suvid Cronut

Mustard mackerel Cook
Hot smoked mackerel Natusya
Mackerel in a multicooker Redmond RMC-M70 Grigorieva
Smoked mackerel in a pressure cooker-smokehouse Unit Tanyulya
Mackerel stuffed with mushrooms and cheese LorikVas
Cold smoked mackerel (Brand 6060 smokehouse) lana19

Completely lean fish soufflé (Aurora multicooker) ang-kay
Catfish marinated with capers in a slow cooker izumka
Stewed catfish in tomatoes (Multicooker) manna
Juicy Crayfish stmario17
Squid steak in a multicooker LIBERTY MC-930 mary_kyiv
Hot smoked salmon steak (Brand 6060) dopleta
Fried salmon steak (multicooker Bork U701) RepeShock
Trout steak in foil Tanyulya
Shark steaks in a multicooker Bork U701 multibork
Catfish steaks (Steba pressure cooker) Lucien

Pike perch in milk sauce (Multicooker) manna
Combined smoked pike perch (Brand 6060 smokehouse) manna
Smoked pike perch alenka_volga
Marinated pike perch in wine (Multicooker) Omela
Hot smoked perch (Brand 6060) dopleta

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