Chocolate Banana Cake

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Chocolate Banana Cake


Flour 200 g
Condensed milk white 200 g
Butter 100 g
Sugar 100 g
Eggs 2 pcs.
Cocoa 3 tbsp. l.
Soda 6 g
Vinegar 5 g
Sour cream 250 g
Powdered sugar
Vanilla 100 g
Butter 15 g
Condensed milk 15 g
Cocoa powder 5 g
Bananas, hazelnuts taste

Cooking method

  • The cake shown in the photo is gone three servings of the specified products!
  • Dough:
  • Beat butter, eggs, sugar with a mixer, add condensed milk and soda, slaked with vinegar and cocoa. Spread the dough evenly on a sheet and bake at 180 при С for 30 minutes.
  • Cream:
  • Whisk sour cream with powder and vanilla. Sour cream should be fatty, homemade. If not, add sour cream thickener.
  • Cut the brown dough into cubes or rectangles of arbitrary shape, before cutting out a base 21 cm in diameter and 0.5 cm in height from the baked cake base. Grease each piece with cream and fold it arbitrarily. We shift each layer with banana washers and whole hazelnuts. In the course of laying out, we form a dome. Fill in the glaze. I prefer Otter glaze. Down black, then white and on it already milk chocolate.
  • Chocolate Banana Cake
  • Chocolate Banana Cake

A pretty cake and the condensed milk and sugar in the dough are not very sweet?
I made the cream from the Valio sour cream store, 22% fat, and it turned out to be a fluffy mass even without a thickener
In the old days, I would have thought that it would be sweet, but with the quality (or rather, lack of quality), the current condensed milk is just right.
Hello! I'm new here. really liked the cake. you can use ghee instead of the declared butter (otherwise they brought me 5 liter jar of ghee on occasion, I don't know what to do with it)
I haven’t tried it, I don’t know. But I know for sure that ghee is an independent product in its qualities that has nothing in common with just butter. There is absolutely no water in ghee, whereas in just butter there is 60%. Replacement, clearly not the same.

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