Candied watermelon peels in a slow cooker

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Candied watermelon peels in a slow cooker


Watermelon rind 1 kg
Sugar 1.2KG

Cooking method

  • Cut off the outer green rind from the watermelon rind.
  • Rinse the peeled crusts well.
  • Cut the white pulp into small cubes or strips.
  • Put the crusts in a saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to a boil.
  • After boiling, cook for ~ 10 minutes, periodically removing the foam.
  • Place the crusts in a colander to drain off the liquid.
  • Prepare syrup:
  • Pour sugar into a saucepan, pour water, stir and bring the syrup to a boil.
  • Transfer the crusts to the finished sugar syrup, mix, level the surface and leave to stand until completely cooled, i.e. 8-12 hours.
  • Put the crusts on fire again, bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook for ~ 15 minutes. Turn off and also leave to stand.
  • Repeat the procedure again with cooking the crusts (cook for ~ 15 minutes), followed by standing.
  • Put the finished crusts in a colander to drain the syrup.
  • When the syrup drains, sprinkle the crusts with sugar (3-4 tablespoons) and stir gently.
  • Cover the baking sheet or wire rack with parchment paper and spread the candied fruits on it so that they do not come into contact with each other.
  • Leave the candied fruit on a baking sheet until completely dry.
  • --------------
  • My deviation from this recipe is that I dried candied fruits without sugar, and only then rolled them in sugar. And I squeezed one lemon into the sugar syrup.


Made candied fruits in a rice cooker according to this recipe

I copy the recipe without photo process here

gypsy beautiful candied fruits turned out. Did you accidentally make candied fruits from orange peels?
tanya1962Thank you, they are also delicious
I haven’t tried to make orange peels, but I don’t like them very much, they taste bitter. I still have syrup, I want to cook candied fruits from pumpkin in it, orange should turn out. We have here in the store from Papai chtoli such red-orange ones are sold, my child loves them, so I am in this direction doing.
Gypsy please tell me, is it possible to cook such candied fruits from melons ???
I didn't, but there are many melon recipes on the Internet, it means you can.
Apparently the melon should be immature, hard. Because I had a solid pumpkin, I tried to make candied fruit out of it, but it was cooked into a porridge .. maybe for candied fruit you need to take a variety of hefty * watermelon * pumpkins?
Gypsy just noticed your recipe. I recently cooked candied fruits, according to the same recipe. Yours was more beautiful! I was afraid to sprinkle it with sugar. here my candied fruits.
Didn't you see how much water to pour into sugar, for syrup? write to me, please, did not see.
Thank you so much for the recipe. I took it as a basis.
What disgraced:
- cooked in a saucepan;
- I poured the current with syrup to cover it (after a couple of boils, there was really not enough syrup, but I didn't add it. I just stirred it more often. Everything worked out that way. But less sugar consumption and headache, where to put the syrup drain);
- sugar put half the norm (still sprinkle with powdered sugar);
- since I had 3 kg of crusts, I divided it into three parts. two of them were filled with syrup with pre-diluted dye - green and red. together with the dye I added lemon to keep the color.

Candied watermelon peels in a slow cookerCandied watermelon peels in a slow cookerCandied watermelon peels in a slow cooker

it turned out great. like from a store. very bright, beautiful and colorful.
I apologize for the photo - the candied fruit has already been vacuumized. forgot to take off at the end. fine! cheap and cheerful.for Easter cakes and Easter that's it!

Candied watermelon peels in a slow cooker

natural (yellowish turned out) Candied watermelon peels in a slow cooker

red Candied watermelon peels in a slow cooker

greenish Candied watermelon peels in a slow cooker
Please tell me how much water is needed for syrup?
750 ml.

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