The motor mode of the student

The motor mode of the studentReduced physical activity of children is a serious threat to their health. That is why in recent years, special attention has been paid to the fight against hypodynamia and hypokinesia.

Children and adolescents, in which the volume of organized physical activity during the week is 6-8 hours, as a rule, are characterized by high mental performance, good physical development, sufficient resistance to fatigue, more favorable indicators of the functional state of the central nervous system, good immune reactivity.

Performance and rest of the student

Workability and rest of the studentThe word "hygiene" comes from the name of the mythological goddess Hygiene - the daughter of the god of healing Aesculapius; with her name the purity of the body was personified. No wonder the popular proverb says: "Cleanliness is the guarantee of health."

Hygiene is the science of the influence of various environmental factors on human health, his working capacity, and life expectancy.

How to teach your child to read

How to teach your child to readEvening. Whole family to gather. The father is making something. Mother is preparing dinner in the kitchen, and Seryozha sits down right there and reads aloud. Mom listens to Seryozha, sometimes corrects him, asks questions, finding out if the son understood what he read.

A son is growing up in the family

A son grows up in the familyThis has been the custom for a long time: it is especially proud to rejoice if a son is born in the family. Hope is associated with him more often than with the name of his daughter. Even unsentimental fathers secretly dream of the appearance of a son.

Day by hour and minute

Day by hour and minuteThere are 24 hours a day. 9-11 o'clock schoolchildren sleep, 4-6 hours sit at school at the desk and study, 2-3 hours are spent on homework, about 1-1.5 hours are devoted to social work, helping parents. This means that about 5-6 hours remain daily, given to the child for personal use. This is a huge wealth, but guys usually don't know how to spend it wisely.

A teacher came to your house

A teacher has come to your houseOnce at the very beginning of the school year, I told my fifth-graders that I would definitely visit each of them at home, visit in the morning and evening, see how they study and how they relax.

There is a schoolboy in your family

There is a schoolboy in your familyYour baby has gone to school and a lot has changed in your family. A new time has begun. For the child, the usual way of life breaks down, new responsibilities appear, new contacts are established with peers and teachers, the skill of focused work in the lesson is gradually formed.

If the child has insomnia

If the child has insomniaIt is generally accepted that insomnia is a companion only for adults. Meanwhile, many children face the same problem. Restless sleep can be caused by anything: stress, adolescence, first love, etc.

"Why is it difficult for him to study?"

Why is it difficult for him to studyEvery year tens of thousands of boys and girls sit down at their desks for the first time. Some quickly and easily adapt to school requirements, while others have a longer and more difficult stage of adaptation to new conditions.

Child's birthday is a holiday for the whole family

Child's birthday is a holiday for the whole familyA big event happened in your life - your child was born. Glasses will be raised to the health of the new man who has appeared on earth. Naturally, the culprit himself will not be able to take part in this celebration, snoring sweetly in his bed.

How to teach a child to work with material and tools

How to teach a child to work with material and toolsStarting to walk and talk on his own, the child strives every day to more actively show his growing energy. He crumples and tears paper with pleasure, tries to break toys; while bathing in the bath, he splashes water merrily, and generally tries to "act" in one way or another.

Hygiene requirements for children's clothing

Hygiene requirements for children's clothingClothing delays the release of heat from the body, protects the skin from dirt and damage.In cold, rainy seasons, clothing should protect the body from excessive heat loss. The heat-retaining properties of clothing depend primarily on whether the fabric from which it is made conducts heat well or poorly.

Common mistakes parents make when raising children

Parents' mistakes when raising childrenWhen raising a child, parents rely on their knowledge, skills and advice from relatives and friends. However, most of the tips can simply be ignored, since they can not only not benefit the child, but even harm the baby's psyche.

Basic requirements for comfortable and comfortable children's clothing

Basic requirements for comfortable and comfortable children's clothingChoosing children's clothes, most mothers dream of her baby being fashionably and beautifully dressed literally from the first minutes of her life. At the same time, most mothers believe that clothes for a child should copy clothes for adults.

Kindergarten and what to look for when choosing it

Kindergarten and what to look for when choosing itChoosing a kindergarten is a painstaking job that does not tolerate neglect. The kindergarten in which your child will go will determine his character, communication skills and behavior.

Healthy nutrition for children at the age of two

Healthy nutrition for children at the age of twoHealthy nutrition of children at the age of two should take into account that the digestive tract has not yet fully formed, but the child has already grown to 20 teeth and every day the chewing muscles are getting stronger. Therefore, the child should not yet be given fried or fatty foods, but it is already necessary to select rougher foods. Following these recommendations will ensure the healthy development of the child.

Vitamins and Minerals - Fuel for Growth

Vitamins and Minerals - Fuel for GrowthVitamins and minerals boost the immune system, support normal growth and development, and help cells and organs do their job. During adolescence, people undergo a variety of physical changes, including growth and puberty.

“You shouldn't give your children sweets as a reward”: on reducing sugar in children's diets

5 tips on how to increase your child's appetiteThe Public Health Organization of Great Britain warned English parents that it is time to get rid of bad habits of constant snacking. Children eat three meals a day, and it cannot be said that this improves their health. In order not to undermine it and not to face extra pounds, parents should be stricter with their children. The readers of the British newspaper The Guardian were asked what they think about this and here are some answers.

5 tips on how to increase your child's appetite

5 tips on how to increase your child's appetiteChildren can be very picky about their food choices, and it is very difficult to get them to eat what they don't like. But, at the same time, at the stage of their growth and development, it is very important that they receive all the nutrients their body needs in sufficient quantities. So how do you get kids to eat healthy foods, especially if they aren't used to eating a lot and are always looking for excuses to skip meals? If this question bothers you, then here are some solutions. Use these tips to boost your child's appetite and get them to eat well.

Difficulty getting back to school after summer break

Difficulty getting back to school after summer breakReturning to work after vacation is a challenge for an adult. And it's also hard for children to go back to school after summer break. On the first school laziness, September 1, the road is overcome easily and eagerly, because you want to meet classmates and friends, show yourself and look at others, share your accumulated impressions. The day flies by merrily and joyfully. But the second school day is already turning into a problem that dissolves the festive mood in the upcoming school days.

The relationship between parents and adolescents

The relationship between parents and adolescentsThe problem of the relationship of adolescent children with their parents today is quite acute.This is primarily due to the fact that nowadays adults are more interested in ensuring the financial well-being of their families, and the upbringing of children fades into the background. Due to the constant lack of time, parents shift all responsibility for the education and upbringing of their children to school.

Organization of the first children's birthday

Organization of the first children's birthdayThe baby's first birthday is a very exciting and exciting event. I want everything to go perfectly, but when it comes time to organize a holiday, all thoughts disappear somewhere, and you don't know what to start with. This article will help you prepare for the holiday.


How to choose a schoolbag for a student?

How to choose a schoolbag for a student?At the end of summer, parents start buying everything their children need for school. The most important thing is preparing children for primary school. It is mandatory for primary school students to purchase a schoolbag, but not many parents know how to choose it correctly.

Which schoolbag to choose?

Kindergarten compensation

Kindergarten compensationTo begin with, let's determine what types of monetary compensation exist in reality and are regulated by law.

The first is compensation for part of the parental fees for kindergarten. The right to this compensation has been regulated by the Law of the Russian Federation "On Education" since 1992, and since then passed without significant changes from editorial office to editorial office, up to the present time.

Development of the child's abilities

Development of the child's abilitiesYou can live your life unaware of the abilities you have. How can a person know that he has great abilities for foreign languages, if he has not studied foreign languages ​​at all, or that he has exceptional abilities for sports, if he never did even morning exercises ?!

The development of abilities does not occur spontaneously, by gravity, one cannot expect favors from nature here, it is necessary to actively intervene ourselves.

Education of will in children

Education of will in childrenIn Nikolai Nosov's work "Vitya Maleev at School and at Home", the hero of the story - a fourth-grade student - promised every day that he would only play football a little with the boys, and then teach his lessons, and, however, every time he came home when necessary had supper and go to bed. There was no time left for lessons.

Can Vitya be called a deceiver, a liar? Of course not. Vitya made a promise with a sincere intention to fulfill it, but he simply is not able to keep his word, because his will is insufficiently developed. He, like many boys and girls of his age, often still cannot break away from a fun game, an interesting activity.


CrybabyChildren's whims and stubbornness represent the wrong reaction to external or internal stimuli. What should be understood by the physiological term "irritation"? This is any effect on the body, in particular on its nervous system. Such influences most often come from the external environment, but can also come from the organism itself, from its various internal organs. Finally, parts of the brain can be influenced by other parts. In turn, the central nervous system sends impulses that control all processes in the body.

School student clothes

School student clothesNot all parents know how to properly dress their children. Some people are not even aware of the importance of clothing for a child's well-being.

The main feature that distinguishes the child's body is continuous all-round development. A child is not a miniature adult. Many processes in his body are performed differently, he reacts differently to many external influences.

Proper nutrition of a nursing mother is a guarantee of the child's health

Proper nutrition of a nursing mother is a guarantee of the child's healthAfter the birth of a child, any mother should think about her nutrition. After all, everyone has long known that both useful and harmful substances are transmitted to the baby with mother's milk. At the time of breastfeeding, it is worth forgetting about the products that provoke allergies in the child.For example, citrus fruits, red apples, carrots, chocolate and more. Many can say that any product, if its properties are better studied, is not advisable to be eaten by a nursing mother. But this is far from the case. After all, if the nutrition of a mother who is breastfeeding is not varied, this can harm the body of the mother and child.

Teach kids to water!

Teach toddlers to waterSurely, many parents are interested in the question: "Is it possible to teach very little kids to swim?" It turns out that it is not only possible, but also necessary. Water exercises allow the child to develop physically, harden and strengthen the immune system. Water procedures are very useful not only for young children, but also for teenagers and adults.

During swimming, the child is faced with the resistance of the water, thus, the muscles are gradually strengthened and trained.

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