Artist Pavel Dmitrievich Korin

P. D. KorinThe works of the famous artist P. D. Korin reflected the phenomena and contradictions of the difficult era of the 20th century, all the drama, heroism and greatness of this time. And it was not for nothing that Korin himself called himself an artist of the 20th century.

Pavel Dmitrievich was born in 1892 in the village of Palekh in the family of a peasant icon painter. The Korin family was engaged in icon painting for three centuries. And Paul was also destined to paint icons.

Nikolay Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maclay

Nikolay Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maclay"Man - everywhere man." These words belong to Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. They define very precisely the essence of all the activities of Miklouho-Maclay - the great traveler and scientist. The craving for travel was in his blood, he said that the sight of the sea, mountains, distant islands irresistibly carried him away. The muse of distant wanderings imperiously called Miklouho-Maclay after the famous naturalist Ernst Haeckel invited him, a twenty-year-old student, to take part in a scientific expedition to the Canary Islands.

Order of St. Anne and its Knights

Order of Saint AnneThis order was established in 1735 in memory of the daughter of Peter I, Anna Petrovna, by her husband, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp Karl Friedrich. The Order of Anna was officially introduced into the Russian system of awards by Paul I on the day of his coronation on April 5, 1797.


AbramtsevoFifty-seven kilometers from Moscow, in the northwestern part of the Moscow region, near Zagorsk, famous for its magnificent monument of the past - the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, surrounded by shady coniferous forests, meandering rivers, pitted with deep ravines overgrown with raspberries and hazel, the ancient village of Abramtsevo is spread ...

Order of Vladimir and his cavaliers

Order of St. VladimirThe Order of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir was established by Catherine II in 1782 in honor of the Grand Duke of Kiev, who did much to expand and strengthen the Old Russian state. It was one of the highest Russian orders.

Kuindzhi landscapes

Kuindzhi landscapesAI Kuindzhi left a great artistic legacy, one of the few, he earned the recognition of the audience, honor and fame, material well-being during his lifetime. They talked a lot about his work, argued, wrote. But the artist's life itself is shrouded in mystery - too little documentary information about him has survived.

Accurate reproduction of life (K. E. Makovsky)

K. E. MakovskyInteresting and instructive is the fate of the famous Russian artist Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky (1839-1915). He was born in Moscow into the family of a zealous art connoisseur, amateur artist Yegor Ivanovich Makovsky. K. Makovsky's talent manifested itself early. His name becomes famous in Moscow.

Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda

Aleksandrovskaya SlobodaAleksandrov - the former Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda - a city with a rich historical past. In the middle of the XIII century. The Pereslavl appanage principality, which included the territory of the present Alexandrov, was inherited from his father by Prince Alexander Nevsky.

Etymology of some surnames

Horse surnameRemember Chekhov's story "The Horse Family". In the estate of the retired Major General Buldeev, everyone, young and old, tried to guess the name of a certain Yakov Vasilyevich, incomparable docks in the field of healing toothache. It was only known that his last name had a certain relation ... to horses. So it was heard vying with each other in the general's house: Kobylin, Zherebtsov, Loshadkin, Tabunov, Kopytin, Uzdechkin, Merinov, Bulanov ... It turned out that there are a great many "horse" surnames in the world!

Etymology of the names of some nationalities

Etymology of the names of some nationalitiesWhen the Romans had to face the Celtic tribes who settled the vast territories of modern France, Belgium, Switzerland and Northern Italy, they gave their warlike neighbors a common name - Gauls, or roosters, for the Latin word gallus means rooster.The nickname took root, and since then all the listed territories have been called Gaul.

About the ancient Maya

About the ancient MayaIn the middle of the 16th century, troops of the Spanish conquerors poured into the lands of ancient Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. Whole cities were destroyed by fire and sword. The invasion of the conquistadors led to the destruction of the original and amazing culture of the Maya Indians. The ruins of the once blossoming villages spoke about this.

Nikolay Mikhailovich Przhevalsky

Nikolay Mikhailovich Przhevalsky“The mighty highlands greeted us unfriendly. As I now remember, a storm piercing to the bone from the west and formidable snow clouds hanging low over the vast horizon spread from the Chyum-Chyum pass; as now I see the tearful face of our guide, muttering, standing next to me, praying and promising us all sorts of troubles. Who knows, I thought then, what awaits us ahead? Is it a laurel wreath of success or death in the fight against wild nature and hostile people? "

Chintz history

Chintz historyThe word chintz has long been known in Russia. Its origin goes back to Sanskrit - sitras - variegated. And in Dutch - Sits.

It is no coincidence that we said this word.

The beginning of Russian America

The beginning of Russian AmericaGrigory Ivanovich Shelikhov, a far-sighted statesman and an enterprising merchant, reached Kodiak in 1784 on two galiots. Shelikhov stayed here for two years. During this time, the Russians studied in detail Kodiak, the eastern coast of the Alaska Peninsula, the Kenaysky and Chugatsky bays and further to the east the entire American coast up to Cape St. Elijah. Detailed maps have been compiled.

Captain Cook and some of the discoveries attributed to him

Captain Cook and some of the discoveries attributed to himThe famous English navigator James Cook was supposed to, according to the plan of the British Admiralty, overshadow with his discoveries off the northwestern coast of America everything that Russian sailors had done there before him.

Russian Galiots sail to the East

Russian Galiots sail to the EastIn the history of Russian geography, one of the brightest pages belongs to the discoveries and explorations of vast expanses of the New World by Russian people - the Aleutian Islands, Alaska and Northern California.

Discovery of anyuisky volcano

Discovery of anyuisky volcanoAn event that took place in the extreme north-east of our country many years ago led to an amazing discovery. Due to its unexpectedness, it attracted the attention of scientists studying the Earth - geographers and geologists, and made it possible to re-imagine the ancient past of this distant land.

Famous men as cooks

Famous men as cooksSome members of the stronger sex voluntarily take on the responsibility of cooking. Others believe that this occupation is exclusively for women, and, by the way, they lose a lot. But what if there is no woman in the house? Of course, you can use catering services. But, as the French rightly say, "homemade food is the tastiest."

Charles da Gaulle

Charles da GaulleAlthough many years have passed since the death of this man, the French still have no doubt that he was the most prominent French politician of the 20th century. De Gaulle led the country twice during difficult times, and both times he coped with it perfectly.

Lorenzo Medici. Ruler of Florence, who loved harmony in politics and art

Lorenzo Medici. Ruler of Florence, who loved harmony in politics and artThe Church of Sita Maria del Fiore in Florence is filled with the voice of a priest singing a psalm. From incense, a thin haze hangs in the air and aroma spreads. Everything is ready for the solemn moment of the sacrament. The priest finally lifts the prosphora - the symbol of the "body of Christ" - and here the hired killers, hiding in anticipation of this sign, burst into the main nave of the church.

Ludwig van Beethoven. The composer who composed an ode to joy in absolute silence

Ludwig van Beethoven. A composer who composed an ode to joy in absolute silence.In his left ear, an annoying, barely audible crack, reminiscent of the clatter of the wheels of a train, never stops for a minute. His right ear can no longer distinguish any sounds. The pianist does not hear what he is playing, but continues to confidently play the keys with his fingers, following the instructions on the score. He does not want to put up with deafness, because there is no life for him, except for music, the goddess who bewitched him.

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