OnionPerhaps, nowhere in old Russia were they fond of onions as much as in the Village of Kichanzino near Arzamas. They took care of them out of need. There was too little land. If you sow bread, you will not live. Onions gave more income.

Ves Ska1. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

Milk energy issues

Milk energy issuesThe very first food for any person (not without reason the genus Homo belongs to mammals) was milk. They say that only one product in the world can replace it when feeding infants - a suspension from raw liver (apparently, reindeer), and then after some processing.

Floor insulation methods in the house and in the apartment

Floor insulation methods in the house and in the apartmentIt is possible to make the dwelling most comfortable for the owners only if complete insulation has been carried out. Moreover, this is important regardless of what type of housing we are talking about.


BuckwheatEver since man began to rule the earth, his life is connected with his daily bread. The basis of bread is starch - and wheat, and millet, and rye, and rice, and buckwheat.

Delfa DMC-50H8. Description and characteristics of the multicooker

Delfa DMC-50H8

Cosmetic properties of pistachio oil

Cosmetic properties of pistachio oilPistachio nuts are the fruit of the pistachio tree. The edible part of pistachios is a nut surrounded by a numb and very hard shell. Pistachios are healthy and full of nutritional value due to their low calorie count.

Seed treatment before sowing

Seed treatment before sowingYou can accelerate the emergence of seedlings by soaking the seeds in water, and even better in solutions of trace elements, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.


linenWhen the world got acquainted with synthetic fabrics, many began to think that old natural ones would leave the stage. They will not stand up to competition with new ones. New fabrics are more durable. Do not crumple. Does not deteriorate so much from washing.

Maxima MBM-0219. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

Galaxy GL2701. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

Choosing a fitness bracelet

Choosing a fitness braceletA fitness bracelet has become an interesting gadget for athletes, and just people leading a healthy lifestyle.


garlicGarlic divided people into two camps. Some adore him, others hate him. Those who despise and do not take into their mouths, nevertheless, without knowing it, use his favors.

Sana Smart Breadmaker (Exclusive, Standart, Basic) - yeast-free bread maker

Sorghum and sugarcane

Sorghum and sugarcaneHow to imagine sorghum? As easy as pie. Take the usual brooms that come from the south. This is broom sorghum. Turn the broom upside down - that's how it grows, only it can be much higher.

Alcoholism is one of the diseases of society

Alcoholism is one of the diseases of societyThere are many reasons for the spread of alcoholism. The emergence and manifestations of alcoholism in each individual inevitably reflect individual personality traits, the type of higher nervous activity, temperament, character, and the level of general culture.

Redmond RBM-1913. Description and characteristics of the bread maker


Little culinary tips

Little culinary tipsIf you add a little vinegar or citric acid during the heat treatment of vegetables, then the loss of nutrients will decrease.

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