The functioning of the mother-placenta-fetus system

Functioning of the mother-placenta-fetus systemThe process of individual development is a programmed sequence of functioning of individual parts of the genome and is expressed by changing the synthesis of proteins, the ratio of the number of individual enzymes.

To Europe for school holidays

To Europe for school holidaysEvery parent dreams of sending their child to a good rest during the holidays. Those who have already visited domestic camps dream of a trip to a camp abroad, so that the child broadens his horizons, has a good rest and has a good time.

Coffee forest

Coffee forestPeople have different opinions about coffee. One thinks that it is as important as bread. They even came up with a saying: "Anyone who drinks coffee in the morning does not get tired all day!" Others are more cautious.

Our, Russian, tea - Kaporsky

Our, Russian, Kaporsky teaTea has long entered every home. It has become a symbol of heartfelt hospitality. An elixir of vivacity and health, natural tea has taken root so much in everyday life that it seems that it is impossible to do without it. Isn't that why the first question, and sometimes goodbye, we ask the guest: "Would you like a cup of tea?"

Plant pests and diseases

Plant pests and diseasesIn the spring, among the strong green shoots, stunted plants with reddish leaves, weak drooping buds, covered with gray fluff, are often striking. This is a dangerous disease - gray rot (botrytis).


beansThe power of the ancient civilizations of America rested on three whales - corn, pumpkin and beans. Beans were revered above all. It was she who filled the mouths of the dead - mummies in Peruvian tombs.

Liberton LBM-305 B. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

Austria for a sweet tooth

Austria for a sweet toothTraveling to different countries, the idea of ​​them will be incomplete if you are limited only to natural beauty, historical sights and shopping. Any country is, first of all, people, their life, way of life and culture.

Archipelago of rare earths

Archipelago of rare earthsIf each cell of the Mendeleev table is compared with an island, then this one is like an archipelago. Its owner - lanthanum - had to make room. Fifteen elements were "squeezed" into his apartment ... However, this is not a whim of the chemist. Nature is to blame.

Mate - the taste of Argentina

Mate - the taste of ArgentinaAnyone who travels to Argentina will inevitably experience the mate tea ceremony. And he will take with him not only the packaging of the coveted mixture, but also the taste of tradition, atmosphere and mood that mate generously gives to its admirers.


CoconutRussian agronomist I. Klingen sailed around South Asia. He studied how a tea bush grows. The warm sea sparkled. A refreshing breeze was blowing. Silhouettes of coconut trees stretched endlessly along the horizon, identifying the tropics.

Magnit RBM-1005. Description and technical characteristics of the bread maker

Spices are healthy, but only in small amounts

Spices are healthy, but in small quantitiesSpices, which add a hot and pungent flavor to food, create a thrill. With many of them, dishes get flavors and pleasant colors, and nutrients are easier to digest.

Curonian Spit - a diamond in the crown of northwestern Russia

Curonian SpitPeople make up legends about everything that does not fit into the ordinary understanding of a person. This happened with the Curonian Spit, which, in the opinion of the Baltic tribe who once lived in this place, was created specifically to facilitate their harsh life.

Leben 271-018. Bread Maker Specifications


OliveThe ancient inhabitants of Hellas had a funny custom. Pour vegetable oil on the guests' heads. And the guest was not offended. On the contrary, he was very flattered. The more poured, the better I felt (the more you pour, the more you respect!). At solemn ceremonies, the heads of the most honored guests were anointed with oil. And even kings.

Popular about bread

Popular about breadNo matter how rich the festive table is with various dishes, everyone will notice the absence of one of them. This is bread.

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