Rock garden

Rock gardenKabardino-Balkaria occupies a picturesque place in the foothill zone of the central part of the North Caucasus.

Outstanding physiologist Leon Abgarovich Orbeli

OrbeliThe name of Leon Abrarovich Orbeli (June 25, 1882 - December 9, 1958) is associated with major discoveries in the physiology of the central nervous system, the higher nervous activity of humans and animals, the sensory organs of the autonomic nervous system, and digestion.


CabbageWhen I went abroad after the war, I chose Cuba. The first lunch on tropical land began with a head of cabbage. At first we wondered: why not bananas, pineapples, not grapefruits, which are full of them, but our humble northern vegetable? Then there was Australia - a region as banana-pineapple as Cuba.

The boundaries of the physiological capabilities of the body

The boundaries of the physiological capabilities of the bodyThe reserve psychophysical capabilities of a person are enormous. They are clearly manifested in big sports. In just a few years, outstanding athletes around the world have set such records for speed and strength, achieved such accuracy and coordination of movements that until recently were considered inaccessible to humans. Yesterday's champion records are repeated today by hundreds and thousands of athletes.


StrawberryIn 1814, the French officer Captain Frisier returned to his homeland from Chile. As a souvenir, he brought out a few strawberry bushes. It was not an ordinary small-fruited berry that the French picked in the forest and planted in the garden. The Chilean was ten times larger.

Tasty - tasteless

Tasty - tastelessWhen a person is hungry, everything tastes good to him. But once you get enough, even the most delicious dishes seem to lose their dignity. Why is this happening? And what is taste in general?

Along the paths of Elbrus and the Carpathians

Along the paths of Elbrus and the CarpathiansThe Elbrus, Teberda, Dombay regions are famous for their excellent slopes for skiing. Clean mountain air, pristine snow cover and an abundance of sun make the rest here healthy and fulfilling. And even those who do not yet know how to ski come here to enjoy the incomparable beauty of these places.


TobaccoThe rarest of the Tabakov is considered to be the heart-leaved species. He survived only on the island of Mas-a-Tierra, where the sailor A. Selkirk (Robinson Crusoe) was serving his exile.

Walnut varieties in Uzbekistan

Walnut varieties in UzbekistanWalnut is a valuable, widespread culture in Uzbekistan. The total area of ​​walnut plantations in the country is about 4500 hectares.


OrangeIt is said that nowhere is oranges tastier than on the island of Trinidad. But they never appear in European markets.

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