Early vegetables

Early vegetablesIn the spring, many feel weak, get tired quickly, and become susceptible to infections. To a large extent, the lack of vitamins in food is to blame. Therefore, as soon as the first fresh vegetables appear - radishes, young cabbage, green onions, lettuce - try to include them in your diet every day.

A woman and a man

A woman and a manNature has entrusted him with paternal, maternal functions. And this alone makes them, in the language of old novels, "made for each other."


CloverAt the beginning of the last century, even before the invasion of Napoleon, there was much talk in Russia about the eccentricities of the Tula landowner A. Roznatovsky. Having a lot of good hayfields, he began to sow woodpecker grass for cattle fodder.


SinusitisOn each side, the paranasal sinuses are adjacent to the nasal cavity. The maxillary, or maxillary, sinuses are named after the English physician and anatomist N. Haymore, who first described them in the 15th century.

Complex life of a simple cell

The complex life of a simple cellThe beginning of a new life is given by a single fertilized egg, from which all the great many cells of the human body are formed. How many are there? According to some estimates, about 100 trillion, but I think no one can give an exact figure.

Distribution of flying fish in the oceans

Why fish can flyFlying fishes (family Exocoetidae), well known to everyone from the descriptions of sea voyages, are an integral part of the landscape of warm seas and are one of its most characteristic external manifestations.

"Why is it difficult for him to study?"

Why is it difficult for him to studyEvery year tens of thousands of boys and girls sit down at their desks for the first time. Some quickly and easily adapt to school requirements, while others have a longer and more difficult stage of adaptation to new conditions.

The future of prostaglandins

The future of prostaglandinsFourteen unsaturated fatty acids are now the prostaglandin family. These biologically active substances attract the closest attention of specialists. They have become the subject of discussion at symposia, international conferences; an international congress was dedicated to them, which was held in Singapore in 1976.


PumpkinSurpassing pumpkin in fruit size is difficult, if not hopeless. The classic vegetable business professor N. Kichunov was proud at one time that he had grown a pumpkin weighing half a centner, and then it turned out that there are even larger ones.

Learn English on your own

Learn English on your ownEnglish, like any other, can be learned in many different ways.

Yellow sweet clover

Yellow sweet cloverStern! For tetrapods, they should also be varied, like our food. The ideal for collecting them is a natural meadow. It contains fifty different types of herbs, or even more.

Child's birthday is a holiday for the whole family

Child's birthday is a holiday for the whole familyA big event happened in your life - your child was born. Glasses will be raised to the health of the new man who has appeared on earth. Naturally, the culprit himself will not be able to take part in this celebration, snoring sweetly in his bed.

Take care of the birds!

Take care of the birdsIn the spring, as soon as the frosts subside and the thaws begin, the first migratory birds - rooks - appear on the roads and thawed patches in the Moscow region. This usually happens in the second half of March. And after a week and a half, starlings return from warm countries and begin to bother about their wooden houses.


HempIn previous years, peasants always considered hemp to be a special creature. Plant number one. Even the daily bread - wheat and rye faded into the background. Wheat was sown wherever necessary. Hemp was assigned a plot next to the estate, so that you could always see how she lived there.

How to teach a child to work with material and tools

How to teach a child to work with material and toolsStarting to walk and talk independently, the child strives every day to more and more actively show his growing energy. He crumples and tears paper with pleasure, tries to break toys; while bathing in the bath, he splashes water merrily, and generally tries to “act” in one way or another.

Why has a person lost their hairline?

Why did a person lose hair?The man began to lose his hairline thanks to the "pranks" of fashion, which, perhaps, played a noticeable role in those distant times.


PlumDuring the First World War, when the threat of scurvy hung over the trenches, heavy and sticky black pancakes began to be brought to the front. In color and thickness, they resembled the usual roofing paper with which the roofs of sheds are covered, and were also rolled into rolls.

How we breathe

How we breatheRespiration is a set of vital physiological processes occurring in the human body. Thanks to them, the body absorbs oxygen from the air and releases carbon dioxide. And oxygen, as you know, is a source of energy.


PassionflowerThe tropical liana passionflower, a fruit ornamental plant that grows not only in the garden, but also in indoor areas, has about 400 species. Her homeland is South America.


TurnipThe old Russian fairy tale "Grandfather planted a turnip" is, apparently, not about the usual yellow-skinned turnip, but about the fodder - turnip. It is turnips that grow such enormous root crops that even call for help. Five or six kilos.

Why can fish fly?

Why fish can flyWarm waters of the World Ocean greet the navigator with bright sun, blue transparent water and schools of flying fish, gliding easily over the waves. Flying fish, which have always attracted the attention of researchers, are singled out as a separate family Exocoetidae of the order of garfish (BeloniFormes).

Vitamin food in winter

Vitamin food in winterQuite satisfying and tasty food sometimes turns out to be incomplete if it contains little or no substances called vitamins.


PoppiesFlowers have always brought joy to people. But tastes change. Cannes is in vogue today, tulips tomorrow, carnations the day after tomorrow. Once upon a time, kings extolled potatoes. Then they admired the sunflower.

Appetite suppressants

Appetite suppressantsThousands of people want to lose weight. And no wonder. Urbanization, automation of many production processes, the use of mechanisms that facilitate human labor, the development of urban and industrial transport, the expansion of areas of work that do not require significant physical stress, have led to a noticeable change in the lifestyle of a modern person.

Your apartment

Your apartmentThe arrangement of an apartment is an art, especially in our modern conditions, the art of rational use of a small area for such everyday human needs as sleep, food, cooking, work, rest, raising children, communicating with friends.


CherriesThe opinion about cherries is not always flattering: "A bone in a bag with sweet water." And it is true, no acid in it, no real sweetness. There is only freshness. And another trump card - it ripens early. Before cherries, apples, pears, watermelons and, of course, grapes.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitisThis disease most often develops unexpectedly and at first glance for no reason. But this is only at first glance. Analyzing the medical history of this or that patient, you are often convinced that he himself, through ignorance or negligence, contributed to the development of the disease.

Along the stone belt of Russia

Along the stone belt of RussiaIn the distant past, the Urals were called "Stone". Climb to the top of the mountain and look at the mountain ranges to the very horizon. To the east of them is Asia, to the west is Europe. At the very heart of the Urals - Sverdlovsk - there is an obelisk dividing the two parts of the world. Every year tourists gather near it for the traditional rally "Europe - Asia".

When to glue the wallpaper

When to glue the wallpaperLiving rooms are best covered with ordinary paper wallpaper. True, such wallpapers have to be updated often, but they are hygienic.

A bit of running history

A bit of running historyIn the beginning there was a run.According to sports historians, the ancestor of the ancient Olympic Games, Hercules, in honor of his victory over King Augeas, organized a race between his brothers. According to legend, he drew a place for the fence, put his right foot next to the line, then put his left foot to it and repeated this 599 times.

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