Briefly about the structure of the cardiovascular system

Briefly about the structure of the cardiovascular systemThe cardiovascular system, which is made up of the heart and blood vessels, supplies blood to all organs and tissues of our body. With the blood, tissues receive oxygen and nutrients, which enter the body through the lungs and digestive organs.

Hamilton is one of the smallest capitals in the world

Bermuda, HamiltonHamilton, the capital of Bermuda, covers an area of ​​only 180 acres, or approximately 86 hectares. You can get around it without missing a single street, about three hours.

The value of memory in human life

The value of memory in human lifeAmong other mental processes, memory has a great "pedagogical significance".

Russian Galiots sail to the East

Russian Galiots sail to the EastIn the history of Russian geography, one of the brightest pages belongs to the discoveries and explorations of vast expanses of the New World by Russian people - the Aleutian Islands, Alaska and Northern California.

Bakery of the "green house"

Bread embassy of the green houseFor many centuries, people have been studying the flora around them, and there is no end in sight to discoveries. The subjects of their search are the resources of food, energy, meeting the needs of health care, home improvement, the development of many types of industry, etc.

The meaning and development of teeth

The meaning and development of teethThe oral cavity with the organs located in it plays an important role in the life of the human body. Through it, nutrients are introduced into the body, which, with the help of teeth and saliva, are subjected to primary processing here.

Light as a formative factor in plants

Light as a formative factor in plantsThe sun's rays travel a long way from the sun to our planet. But they, high-speed, need only about 8 minutes to cover the distance of 150 million km. Getting on the ground, they warm it, accumulating in green plants, give rise to life.

What do we know about iron

What do we know about ironWe often do not realize the essence of the significance of many familiar notions. Let's try to focus on the thought that we know about iron. It turns out that it surrounds us from all sides. The walls of the new large houses are pierced with steel rods that make up the frame of their reinforced concrete body.

Historical stress

Historical stressThe history of man on Earth has several million years, of which the period of civilization covers only a little more than 10 thousand years.

Bread is food that does not become boring

Bread is food that does not become boringIn the European part of Russia, the most common product is bread. What is bread? You can give a lot of answers, depending on from what positions this product is viewed.

Karakum desert: unexpected desert

Kara-KumWe are somehow used to imagining the desert as empty. Bare hills of sand, empty horizon, empty sky without a single cloud. And if there is something alive there, then there is little joy in it. Under the roots are scorpions with venomous, jointed tails, upturned like cocked cocks.

Redber HP-502. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

Stone rivers

Stone riversIn one place in the Caucasus, not far from the beach, pebbles were taken for construction. As a result, the beach disappeared. It turns out that the builders have disturbed the balance between the amount of inflow and outflow of pebbles. They forgot that pebbles and sand do not lie motionless on the shore, or maybe they did not know about the existence of stone rivers.

There would be a reason

There would be a reasonThe tradition of celebrating meetings with friends with drinks, seeing off, arranging banquets for colleagues on the occasion of the anniversary, awarding an honorary title, promotion and even ending with a libation of a business meeting, unfortunately, has become widespread.

Types of sausages

Types of sausagesAll existing sausages are divided into three large groups, namely:

It all starts with running

It all starts with runningEndurance running is a powerful source of health. A source that is equally beneficial to most people. And in order to use it, essentially no super-efforts are required.

Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory

Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk TerritoryIt is difficult to say at what time of the year Divnogorsk is more attractive; in the summer, when, with the clear eyes of his new high-rise buildings, he admires the heroic chest of the strongman Yenisei through the tops of century-old pines; in winter, shrouded in a frosty haze, with trench streets dug in deep snow, going one above the other along the steep Yenisei coast.

Growing champignons

Growing champignonsThere are many people who, in any season, are able to treat you to a mushroom delicacy by inviting you to dine at their family table. As it turned out, they rarely go to the forest for mushrooms - they often go down to the basement, and one even goes to his garage to return with a full basket (bag, string bag) of the most exquisite gifts of the “green kingdom”.

Galaxy GL2641. Description and characteristics of the multicooker

Galaxy GL2641

Discovery of anyuisky volcano

Discovery of anyuisky volcanoAn event that took place in the extreme north-east of our country many years ago led to an amazing discovery. Due to its unexpectedness, it attracted the attention of scientists studying the Earth - geographers and geologists, and made it possible to re-imagine the ancient past of this distant land.


RadishThey say that there is no simpler vegetable in the world than a radish. In general, this is true, because radish succeeds on every land, grows in the most empty northern gardens and ripens earlier than anyone else.

Factory explosion

Factory explosionThis welding method has not yet emerged from the laboratories. It is studied by research teams both at home and abroad. As foreign journals write, the results obtained already now give reason to expect much from the use of explosive welding.

Prevention of atherosclerosis should be started in childhood

Prevention of atherosclerosis must be started in childhoodAtherosclerosis is considered a disease of the elderly. Indeed, the formidable complications of this disease - ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage - most often occur in elderly people.

Bahrain - the island of pearls and oil

BahrainBahrain is the only island Arab sheikhity located off the coast of the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. It is commonly called the country of pearls and oil. But this definition is too sparse.

To keep the dishes clean

To keep the dishes clean• It is easy to clean burnt areas in enamel dishes with a damp cloth with baking soda. The coffee pot will be washed off if you boil water with a pinch of baking soda in it.

Polar lights

Polar lightsThe auroras are as beautiful as they are mysterious. The enthusiastic verbosity with which they talk about their beauty is replaced by unintelligible “probably”, “presumably”, “it seems to us”, as soon as it comes to the origin and properties of this amazing phenomenon.

Properties of the human eye

Properties of the human eyeAnd it is known that the overwhelming part of information about the world around us we receive with the help of our organs of vision. “Better to see once than hear a hundred times” - this is not said in vain.

Unusual pantries

Unusual pantriesTransuranic elements are the brainchild of modern technology. Laboratories with sophisticated equipment, nuclear reactors - these are the "fields" from which, at the cost of huge energy expenditures, are now receiving insignificant quantities of elements that are not in nature.

At the foot of the "Pillar of Hercules"

GibraltarThe last miles of the Mediterranean Sea remained astern. We entered the Strait of Gibraltar. It connects the sea with the Atlantic Ocean. In a grayish-blue haze, as if straight from the water, the famous "Pillars of Hercules" rose.

The most common food product

The most common food productWe all drank milk in childhood, some continue to drink even now, but if you draw up a table of the most common food products, then, oddly enough, milk will not come out on top in it. What will come of it?

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