Spicy "Italian" basil: a medicinal gourmet favorite

Spicy Italian Basil is a medicinal gourmet favoriteThe characteristic taste that cannot be confused with anything else, the spicy aroma of this plant, has earned basil popularity under various names.

Everything you need to know about face masks

Everything you need to know about face masksHave you ever made masks? If not, it’s in vain. They help solve problems that creams and other familiar remedies cannot cope with. And in some situations, masks are generally irreplaceable. If the skin dries and flakes, nourishing and intensely moisturizing masks will save you.

The healing properties of tomato

The healing properties of tomatoThe birthplace of the tomato is Mexico. In Europe, the tomato has long been grown as an ornamental plant. Back in the 17th century, it was believed that beautiful red fruits should not be eaten in any case. They are deadly to health. True, the prevailing negative opinion did not prevent to call the tomato "love apple" because of its resemblance to the heart.

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The king of the kitchen is the French culinary specialist Antoine Karem

Antoine KaremHe was born the sixteenth child into a poor French family. When the boy was 9 years old, his father took the boy to the main city gates of Paris and left him to fend for themselves. If this boy had the opportunity to see his future, then he would see glittering halls, richly served tables full of exquisite dishes and kings who raise glasses in his honor.

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Lorenzo Medici. Ruler of Florence, who loved harmony in politics and art

Lorenzo Medici. Ruler of Florence, who loved harmony in politics and artThe Church of Sita Maria del Fiore in Florence is filled with the voice of a priest singing a psalm.From incense, a thin haze hangs in the air and aroma spreads. Everything is ready for the solemn moment of the sacrament. The priest finally lifts the prosphora - the symbol of the "body of Christ" - and here the hired killers, hiding in anticipation of this sign, burst into the main nave of the church.

A little about the mushroom miracle

A little about the mushroom miracleThe humble hunt is wonderful - to take mushrooms. And in abundance, when they grow up as whole families, the soul is doubly happy with the gifts of the old pine forest. Mushrooms start the season - morels snowdrops and stitches. They last until mid-June. And immediately russula take the baton, then boletus, spikelets and chanterelles, a little later a second layer of whites appears, the most productive. In a rainy warm summer, Berendey's pantries are rich in mushrooms.

When baking bread, lock the doors. Folk traditions

Bread baking traditionsApparently, everyone knows the smell of freshly baked bread. Baking bread is one of the traditions of the Slavic people, which is passed down from generation to generation. Old people say that bread is the head of everything and, as usual, should always be on the table.

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Pain Brie Norman breadPain brie Wheat-rye bread on a long doughWheat-rye bread on a long dough Sourdough pumpkin bread ovenSourdough pumpkin bread Flute Ganacho ovenFlutes of Ganacho Peasant bread based on the French countrysidePeasant bread based on the French countryside Mom's cookiesMom's cookies Original sponge roll Japanese silkOriginal biscuit roll "Japanese silk" Negro Kiss cakeNegro Kiss cake Homemade fast noodlesHomemade fast noodles Pasta with Puttanesca saucePasta with Puttanesca sauce Soup with zucchini, celery and homemade noodlesSoup with zucchini, celery and homemade noodles Meat in a spicy chocolate sauceMeat in a spicy chocolate sauce Tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad and capersTomatoes stuffed with tuna salad and capers Spring mood saladSpring mood salad Sushi ballSushi ball Mushroom soup with leekMushroom soup with leek Casserole with berries or bananaCasserole with berries or banana Arancini (rice balls stuffed with meat)Arancini (rice balls stuffed with meat) Meatloaf AmazingMeatloaf "Amazing" Morel mushrooms in creamy wine sauceMorel mushrooms in creamy wine sauce Peasant-style meatballsPeasant-style meatballs Cucumber spaghettiCucumber spaghetti Pea soup with grilled pork ribsPea soup with grilled pork ribs Barbecue sausagesBarbecue sausages Berlin style chicken breastsChicken Breasts "Berlin Style" My favorite okroshkaOkroshka Chicken thighs in tomato-garlic marinadeChicken thighs in tomato-garlic marinade Chicken terrineChicken terrine Okroshka on kefir with dried fishOkroshka on kefir with dried fish Curd dough patties with sorrelCurd dough patties with sorrel

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Hair masks

Hair masksMasks are the best hair care product. They protect hair from external influences, make it thicker, shiny, silky. And if you want healthy and beautiful hair, masks are the most rational way to achieve what you want.

Recipes 23 - 29 March 2012

Very simple wheat breadVery simple wheat bread Wheat-rye bread with honey spiritWheat-rye bread with honey spirit Custard Bread with CorianderCustard bread with coriander Whole wheat rye sourdough breadWhole wheat rye sourdough bread Gray bread on light beer in a bread makerGray bread on light beer in a bread maker Bread Spring Mood Whole Grain French SourdoughBread "Spring mood" Altamura type bread Pane tipo AltamuraAltamura type bread Bread SpecialBread "Special" Wheat-rye Flax and milkWheat-rye bread "Flax and milk" Cake Almost Belgian wafflesCake "Almost Belgian waffles" Buns from the cartoon Carlson who lives on the roofBuns Blueberry Pie from the movie My Blueberry NightsBlueberry pie Cake Chocolate MadnessCake "Chocolate Madness" Lemon drizzle cake by Jamie OliverLemon Rain Pie by Jamie Oliver Cabbage with mushroom sauceCabbage with mushroom sauce Potato croquettes with meatPotato croquettes with meat Caribbean fishCaribbean fish Pumpkin cream soup with orangesPumpkin cream soup with oranges Ramen soup from the movie The Ramen GirlRamen soup Oven-baked turkey tailOven-baked turkey tail Salmon mousse with dill jellySalmon mousse with dill jelly Barbecue from the movie Moscow does not believe in tearsShish kebab from the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" Salad with zucchini, kiwi, feta cheeseSalad with zucchini, kiwi, feta cheese Pork in wine with rye breadPork in wine with rye bread Leninakan salad or vegetable khorovatsLeninakan salad or vegetable khorovats Chicken wings in a smokehouseChicken wings in a smokehouse Chicken salad with pine nutsChicken salad with pine nuts Oriental meatOriental meat Pike perch marinated in winePike perch marinated in wine Stuffed Penne SoupStuffed Penne Soup

Secrets of a beautiful female breast

Secrets of a beautiful female breastBeautiful breasts always attract male attention, admiration and are an undeniable feminine dignity. But, even having beautiful breasts in youth, one day you may find that the former beauty has faded, and the elasticity has noticeably decreased. This happens especially often after a period of pregnancy and lactation.

Sage is a remedy proven by centuries and peoples

Sage is a remedy proven by centuries and peoplesThis plant, which got its name from the Latin Salvere - to heal, has about 700 species. But the most famous are two - medicinal sage and clary sage. The Mediterranean is considered the birthplace of sage. The person uses the leaves collected during the flowering period, the roots and the stem.

Early Child Development

Early Child DevelopmentGuardianship and affection during the first years of life help the child to develop actively. When you hold your baby in your arms, caress him and talk to him, you stimulate his growth and emotional development. Being close to the mother and receiving breastfeeding when he wants, and not according to the established schedule, the child feels protected, and therefore behaves confidently and calmly.

Ludwig van Beethoven. The composer who composed an ode to joy in absolute silence

Ludwig van Beethoven. A composer who composed an ode to joy in absolute silence.In his left ear, an annoying, barely audible crack, reminiscent of the clatter of the wheels of a train, never stops for a minute. His right ear can no longer distinguish any sounds. The pianist does not hear what he is playing, but continues to confidently play the keys with his fingers, following the instructions on the score. He does not want to put up with deafness, because there is no life for him, except for music, the goddess who bewitched him.

Exotic cuisine: spiders

exotic kitchen spidersThere is a great variety of different spiders on earth, and they successfully fulfill their mission, intended for them by nature. But in those places where the spiders are of huge size, they are also eaten. Even very dangerous and poisonous.

What do we know about stuttering?

What do we know about stutteringSpeech activity in the system of human vital functions occupies a special place, since it performs the social function of communication, is a regulator of behavior and the foundation of thinking, and also ensures adaptation to the environment. That is why its violation can lead to negative consequences for the formation of personality. The most severe speech disorder is stuttering.

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Amazing plant - rose hips (wild rose, free spirits)

Amazing plant - rose hipsA thorny, brown-barked shrub from the Rosaceae family. Up to two meters high. Leaves are petiolate, sharp-serrated; flowers are large, bright pink, fragrant; fruits are spherical or oblong. Red or orange, 10-15 mm in size, containing angular yellow seeds in white hairs.


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Menu planning can help save the family budget

Menu planning can help save the family budgetYou need to feed yourself and your family at home, take something for lunch with you, give your children to school, or eat in a cafeteria, cafe, and you also want to sit in a restaurant, at least occasionally, and there are still holidays, family events - food takes a significant place in your life and in the family budget.

The choice of oil for the health of the body: sunflower or corn

The choice of oil for the health of the body, sunflower or cornThe human body, both throughout the year, and especially in spring, urgently needs unsaturated fatty acids - linoleic and linolenic, which are contained in sunflower and corn oil. These oils are a valuable source of the energy we need, there are about 900 kilocalories in every 100 g.

What threatens sinusitis?

What threatens sinusitisIs your body weak, your nose is stuffed up, and your voice suddenly disappeared? Even distinguishing the scent of your favorite perfume is a problem? What is it - a cold, a breakdown due to a lack of vitamins? Or is it insidious sinusitis - sinus inflammation? How to recognize and overcome this disease in time?

Do you have to eat soup every day?

Do you have to eat soup every day?Soup (fr. Soupe) is a liquid dish common in many countries. A distinctive feature of the soup is, first of all, the fact that the soup contains at least 50% liquid, and secondly (for hot soups) the soup is prepared by boiling, in most cases in water.

What the experts advise for proper oral hygiene

What the experts advise for proper oral hygieneHuman saliva, which contains substances that prevent the growth of bacteria, is a natural barrier to the body against the negative effects of external factors on teeth and gums. However, saliva alone is, of course, not enough for proper hygiene.

No trace of sweat: choosing an antiperspirant deodorant

Not a trace of sweat choosing an antiperspirant deodorantIt would seem, what is so difficult here - to choose an antiperspirant deodorant? However, in front of a two-meter showcase in the store, you get lost. As it turns out, there is no universal remedy for sweat. If you like the smell, it may turn out that it leaves a mark on the clothes. And one that dries quickly may not be suitable for your skin, as it contains a lot of alcohol. It's up to you what you can agree to and what to sacrifice for the sake of beauty.

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