How to choose a home heater?

How to choose a home heater?How to choose a heater to heat your home? For small apartments in standard high-rise buildings, it is best to choose heaters of three main types - an oil cooler, a fan heater and a convector. Let's consider all three options in a little more detail.

The Makings of a Gifted Child

The Makings of a Gifted ChildEach teacher (of course, a subject specialist) has his own criteria for a gifted child. And this has its own justice, which is not denied by human life itself, because any specific activity requires specific skills, skills, knowledge and thinking from a person. And if we take into account that the activity can be creative and reproductive and creatively reproductive, then the criterion of a child's giftedness should be discussed from the point of view of the specifics of professional activity, in which the high achievements of a gifted child are clearly visible.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whiteningA beautiful and healthy smile makes anyone attractive, so well-groomed and white teeth have always been and will be the main part of the image and a symbol of prosperity for a successful and self-confident person. The color of a smile is often the determining factor in creating a first impression when meeting someone. Inadequate dental care can have a repulsive effect, making it difficult to achieve the desired results. Of course, everyone dreams of snow-white teeth, but only a few are naturally beautiful.

Human behavior in the cold

Human behavior in the coldIt is quite possible to say goodbye to life at 0 ° C, and at -20 ° C to feel just great. It's not the frost that kills us, but the decrease in our own body temperature. You can easily lie on a snowdrift for a few minutes and go straight to your forefathers, even if the air is above zero. During this time, the body's own temperature will drop to the extreme moment - up to 31 ° C - and the heart will simply stop.

Recipes December 31, 2012 - January 20, 2013


What are the main disadvantages of fast food?

What are the main disadvantages of fast foodTypically, fast food is high in soy, fat, sugar, butter, fried meats, salt, cheese, mayonnaise, and obviously calories. The biggest disadvantage of fast food is its negative health effects. It is a fact that fast food is more dangerous than unhealthy homemade meals, as it contains more nutrients in the form of unwanted salt, fat, and various additives (artificial chemicals).

Simple tips to help you extend your life

Simple tips to help you extend your lifeLife is the main value of a modern person, therefore, the increase in duration should be a problem that worries everyone. One way or another, we all want to live longer, see great-grandchildren, etc.But due to the high pace of modern life, there is often not enough time to think about this problem.

Refined and unrefined oil

Refined and unrefined oilEvery housewife uses vegetable oil for cooking, it is consumed by the entire population of our planet, and when you come to a store, your eyes run up from a rich assortment of species and producers. Oil is vital for the human body, as it contains vitamins, nutrients and special fatty acids that protect cells from the harmful effects of the environment and destruction.

Recipes Week 24 - 30 December 2012

Festive julienne pieFestive julienne pie Eggplant cheese tartEggplant cheese tart Chocolate custard muffinsChocolate custard muffins Cupcakes New YearsCupcakes "New Year" Nut cookies with nutellaNut cookies with nutella Crown dish"Crown" dish Cookies Chocolate-rum delightCookies "Chocolate Rum Delight" Pine nuts and pear saladPine nuts and pear salad Christmas Reindeer CupcakesChristmas Reindeer Cupcakes Smoked cod salad with orangesSmoked cod salad with oranges Squid with vegetables smoked on skewers in Brand 6060 smokehouseSquid with vegetables, smoked on skewers Iceberg cakeIceberg cake Stuffed pork in ginger and honey glazeStuffed pork in ginger-honey glaze Stollen by Richard BertineStollen by Richard Bertine Goose LacqueredGoose "Lacquered" Bavarian saladBavarian salad Oatmeal cookies with coffee and lemon zestOatmeal cookies with coffee and lemon zest Turkey roll with mushrooms and eggsTurkey roll with mushrooms and eggs Celery-tangerine salad with avocadoCelery-tangerine salad with avocado Curabiedes - Christmas macaroons"Curabiedes" - Christmas macaroons Stewed meat Pig in pineapples in Oursson pressure cookerStewed meat "Pig in pineapples" Cookies with coconut, almonds and chocolate chipsCookies with coconut, almonds and chocolate chips Tart with cherry tomatoesTart with cherry tomatoes Melomakarona - Christmas honey cookies"Melomakarona" - Christmas honey cookies English cupcake in a bread makerEnglish cupcake in a bread maker Delicate Vasilopita - New Year's pie"Tender Vasilopita" - New Year's pie Danish bun - wicker basket with cheese and hamDanish bun - wicker with cheese and ham Chicken fillet with tomato and basilChicken fillet with tomato and basil Butterfly bunsButterfly buns Banana cake in chocolateCake "Bananas in chocolate"

Expecting a flu or a cold?

Expecting the flu or coldWe consider colds to be a constant companion of the cold season. But it can be avoided - you just need to prepare accordingly! Young children are most susceptible to colds. A baby is less likely to get sick if he has full-fledged immunity, the effectiveness of which is mainly determined by his lifestyle. Walks in the open air. You need to walk often and in almost any weather, with the exception of excessively windy ones.

Kitchen mistakes: tips for novice housewives

Kitchen mistakes tips for novice housewivesThere are many nuances in kitchen work that not only save our time, but also allow us to make food tasty, and the dishes served to the table beautiful. Often, housewives do not even suspect that properly selected cooking "tools" and dishes could help facilitate their culinary work. What are the most common mistakes made in the kitchen with knives, pots and pans?

How to choose a multicooker

Some five or six years ago, a kitchen unit capable of preparing vegetables with meat and porridge, charlotte and pasta seemed like some kind of fantasy. But today such a technique is on sale, and this miracle device is called a multicooker. Such an assistant in the kitchen will delight any hostess, because then there is no need to often stand at the stove for a long time. Smart technology not only prepares food for you, but also keeps it warm for the right time.

Recipes Week 17 - 23 December 2012

French baguettes from old doughFrench baguettes from "old dough" Milk Cold BreadMilk "Cold" bread Sourdough bread with branSourdough bread with bran Whole grain rye bread with seedsWhole grain rye bread with seeds Puff Buns - RosanPuff buns - "rosanchiki" Bread Christmas StarBread "Christmas star" Colonial Orange PieColonial Orange Pie Lemon yoghurt cakeLemon yoghurt cake Bulgarian sausages in baconBulgarian sausages in bacon Steam cutlets from turkey and cauliflower in Dex 60Steam cutlets from turkey and cauliflower Jelly New Year FireworksJelly "New Year's fireworks" Raspberry muffins on jellyRaspberry muffins on jelly Post-holiday saladPost-holiday salad Turkey saltimbokaTurkey saltimboka Salmon with potatoesSalmon with potatoes Blancmange Creamy CaramelBlancmange "Creamy Caramel" Cold smoked pink salmonCold smoked pink salmon Buns dough without eggsBuns (dough without eggs) Goulash in beerGoulash in beer Chicken and mushroom nestsChicken and mushroom nests Puff pastries with salmonPuff pastries with salmon Poached pear with Brie cheesePoached pear with Brie cheese Czech watering in a multicookerCzech watering in a multicooker Salad Sunny MagadanSolnechny Magadan salad Olivier with Tambov ham and Nashi pearOlivier with Tambov ham and Nashi pear Christmas tree cookiesCookies "Yolochki" Vegetable salad with young octopus and shrimpsVegetable salad with young octopus and shrimps Tres leches cake with chocolate syrupPie "Tres leches" with chocolate syrup Juja-pilafJuja-pilaf Chicken drumsticks stewed with potatoes in milkChicken drumsticks stewed with potatoes in milk

Party for children

Party for childrenAll parents are looking forward to when their crumbs will have their first friends, because playing with adults does not give him such pleasure. Whether it's the comrades with whom you can endlessly play robbers or dress up dolls, go in search of adventure or arrange a real school. While the child is still small, games with friends, as a rule, are limited to the territory of the playground or entertainment complexes. But when the baby grows up, he has a desire to invite friends to visit him on occasion of some kind of celebration, and sometimes for no reason.

God bless you, Suzdal

SuzdalMy friends talked so interestingly about the trip to Suzdal that I really wanted to repeat their excursion. By the way, they often choose a historical city that has preserved its buildings from ancient times as an object for travel. This time the choice fell on the "Golden Ring of Russia". Finally, there were common days of rest when you could go on a trip with your family.

Healthy drinks

Healthy drinksHuman consumption of fluids is an integral part of ensuring the normal functioning of the body, as well as the correct course of all metabolic processes. However, it is extremely important to know what to drink in order to bring only benefits to the body, not harm. The simplest and most healthy drink is large leaf green tea. It contains a large amount of antioxidants and vitamins that normalize metabolism in all organs and tissues.

Long nails: beauty and health

Long nails beauty and healthModern fashion sets its own rules every year, of which well-groomed long nails are far from the last. In particular, the condition of the nails also determines whether the internal organs and the body as a whole are functioning properly. There are several simple ways to help grow luxurious strong marigolds. After all, the first thing men pay their attention to are women's hands.

How to make it easy to wake up early

How to make it easy to wake up earlyMany people experience real difficulties if they have to wake up early. However, if you make it a rule to wake up earlier than usual, then you will probably be surprised at how much time you have freed up so that you can complete all the planned tasks. Waking up in the early hours is considered a very good habit. It can bring a lot of activity and energy into your life.

The healthiest winter foods and their health benefits

The healthiest winter foods and their health benefitsIn winter, when our body is lacking vitamins, it is worth choosing more carefully nutritious foods rich in vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that will protect us from various debilitating diseases. Find out which foods should not be absent in the daily diet of each of us during the winter, and what are their benefits.

How to make home evenings with your loved one more interesting

How to make home evenings with your loved one more interestingMany couples who have not yet been able to live together simply dream of spending every evening next to each other, going to bed together under the same blanket, saying good wishes before going to bed, and in the morning again together and at the same time waking up, showering each other with tender kisses. But when the cherished dream nevertheless finds its real embodiment, all the romance and unusualness of interpersonal communication slowly begins to "evaporate". And after three months of living together, you realize that your relationship is beginning to undergo profound changes.

Multicooker Specification SR-TMH10

Description multicooker Panasonic SR-TMH10

SR-TMH10 - Panasonic multicookerMulticooker Panasonic SR-TMH10 - a compact device with great capabilities. She knows how to cook, steam, stew and bake.

Description multicooker Panasonic SR-TMH181


Description multicooker Panasonic SR-DF101

Panasonic SR-DF 101 WTQ

Recipes of the Week 10 - 16 December 2012

Whey BreadWhey Bread Bread ColumbiaBread Columbia Homemade yoghurt flatbreadHomemade yoghurt flatbread Sausage roses in puff pastrySausage "roses" in puff pastry Carrot cake from Emer FallonCarrot cake from Emer Fallon Salad Christmas candleSalad "Christmas candle" Chicken baked with grapesChicken baked with grapes Christmas star salad"Christmas Star" salad Cod with mango and shrimp in Oursson pressure cookerCod with mango and shrimp in a pressure cooker Yoghurt cake 1st of JanuaryYoghurt cake "First of January" Chocolate muffin with prunes and almond pralineChocolate muffin with almond praline Snack rolls Extravaganza of tasteSnack rolls "Extravaganza of taste" Christmas carp baked in Bulgarian doughChristmas carp in Bulgarian Christmas Norwegian Baked PorkNorwegian Christmas pork Smoked loin in Brand smokehouseSmoked loin Shortbread with yeast For the New YearYeast shortbread cookies "For the New Year" Bohemian Lemon Blueberry CakeCake "Bohemian" lemon-blueberry Sunny orange chicken in a multicooker Brand 37501Sunny orange chicken in a slow cooker Salmon smoked on cherry and rosemary sprigs in Brand 6060Smoked salmon on cherry and rosemary sprigs Hanukkah donuts made from cold pastryHanukkah donuts made from butter dough Angelica Christmas wreath from the Simili sistersChristmas wreath "Angelica" Pork loin ham in its own juicePork loin ham in its own juice Fried potatoes in the ovenFried potatoes in the oven Koloboks with carrotsKoloboks with carrots Chinese dumplings dim sumChinese dumplings dim sum Cold smoked chicken filletCold smoked chicken fillet Hot smoked champignons in Brand 6060Hot smoked champignons Squid salad with spicy cognac dressingSquid salad with cognac dressing Salad New Year's basketSalad "New Year's basket" Croquembush Cake Herringbone in the SnowCroquembush cake "Herringbone in the snow"

On the eve of the New Year

On the eve of the New YearSo the holiday is approaching, which is loved by both kids and adults, and you completely forgot about it in your worries about tomorrow. Don't worry, most people start preparing for the New Year holidays three days before they start. This is running around grocery stores in search of the right products, for cooking and serving the festive table. This is a quick picking of gifts for your loved ones and friends. And finally, on December 31, the installation and decoration of the Christmas tree.

Formula of family happiness

Formula of family happinessEverything starts fabulously and charmingly: a gorgeous wedding escort, a snow-white dress, like a princess, and next to you is your one and only prince. Light, like a feather, veil of a veil falling in a stream of milk on the shoulders, solemn congratulations of loved ones, jokes of friends, a sea of ​​flowers, a festive banquet, the promise of love and fidelity, and of course solemn exclamations of "Bitter!" And what will the family expect next?

Basic methods of psychological zombification of buyers

Basic methods of psychological zombification of buyersMany people only like to go shopping in supermarkets. They explain this choice by the fact that all the necessary goods can be found in such buildings at once. But the love of supermarkets is by no means a fluke. Today, dozens of psychologists work on the demand for such retail premises every day. They are the ones who help supermarket owners make big money on the gullibility of their customers.

How to accelerate hair growth?

How to speed up hair growthBeautiful and long hair is the dream of many girls. But the endless craving for change and bold experiments plays a cruel joke with the fairer sex - hair becomes thinner, splits, falls out, and it becomes almost impossible to grow long curls. What can negatively affect seemingly healthy hair and is it possible to accelerate the process of their growth, and if so, how?

Children and sweets

Children and sweetsThere is an opinion that little children should be limited in the use of sweets, because it harms the health of babies and destroys their teeth. Is this a dogma, or can mothers allow their children to eat their favorite sweets? Currently, the range of sweets intended for children contains not only carbohydrates and a huge amount of calories, but also proteins useful for the baby's body, various vitamins and minerals.

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