Redmond RMC-PM380. Overview of the multicooker-pressure cooker


Babycook Original Steamer Blender

My favorite multicooker-pressure cooker-slow cooker STEBA broke. Of course, I will repair it, but this is no longer very reliable and a replacement is needed. Anyway, I want something new.

I have the following requirements for the device: the volume of the bowl is 6 liters, the presence of a cooking mode under pressure, the ability to cook food at temperatures below 100 degrees with an accurate temperature setting. Well, understandably, reliability, durability, a bowl with a good coating. It seems to be nothing supernatural, but I got the feeling that in order to replace the Shtebochka, I would need two devices - a pressure cooker and a multicooker. However, kind people advised me to pay attention to the REDMOND line and now RMC-PM380 is coming to me.

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Helping the heart

Helping the heartCaring for how to preserve the heart should begin before the birth of the child and include a whole range of social, hygienic, educational activities.

One of the most common cardiovascular ailments is, as you know, ischemic heart disease. Her serious conditions, known as acute coronary insufficiency and myocardial infarction, are by far the leading cause of death in men. And this is at the most able-bodied and fruitful age. It must be said that the disease is often very insidious: it proceeds in secret and sometimes leads to sudden death.

Etymology of some surnames

Horse surnameRemember Chekhov's story "The Horse Family". In the estate of the retired Major General Buldeev, everyone, young and old, tried to guess the name of a certain Yakov Vasilyevich, incomparable docks in the healing of toothache. It was only known that his surname had a certain relation ... to horses. So it was heard vying with each other in the general's house: Kobylin, Zherebtsov, Loshadkin, Tabunov, Kopytin, Uzdechkin, Merinov, Bulanov ... It turned out that there are a great many “horse” surnames in the world!

Recipes Week 13 (2019)

Rommelsbacher MD 1000. Description and characteristics of the multicooker-pressure cooker

Rommelsbacher MD 1000

Redmond RMC-MD200 - multicooker with two bowls


Emotions and health

Emotions and healthThis, of course, is not accidental: all human experiences in our minds are associated with the heart. The heart can be different: both kind and gentle, loving and sensitive. It is fiery, indomitable, easy-going. The heart can “bleed” from grief, “skip” from an unexpected meeting, “freeze” from happiness or love, “jump” from joy. And when we are angry, we can utter a bunch of unpleasant words or commit rash acts “in our hearts”.

Soil cultivation

Soil cultivationAll fruit and berry and vegetable plants are demanding on soil fertility. Therefore, the cultivation of the soil for a garden and a vegetable garden before starting the development of the site, as well as in subsequent years, is one of the main and difficult tasks associated with the introduction of organic, mineral fertilizers, liming with soil acidification, systematic processing of the site, weed control, etc. ...

Recipes Week 12 (2019)

Appreciate sleep

Appreciate sleepThere is almost always not enough time: to go to the cinema, to properly prepare for the exam, to visit relatives ... And we try to save it. Most often - at the expense of sleep, considering the hours given to him as an unproductive waste of time. But nature cannot be deceived: sleep either overcomes us, or goes away. So is it worth fighting sleep? How harmful are attempts to break its laws to health? How much and how should a person sleep?

Men of the age about active life

Men of the age about active lifeWhen do men start losing ground? Scientists believe - after forty years. It is behind this “border” that the heart most often begins to make itself felt. And it is, as you know, the most sensitive barometer of our health. Where is the link between age and heart disease? How to deal with them?

These all-powerful vitamins

These all-powerful vitaminsIt began with the experiments conducted at the end of the last century by the Russian scientist N. Lunin. He studied the nutritional needs of the body and divided the experimental animals into two groups. He fed one with all the substances that make up the milk, and the other gave natural milk. The former soon died, and the latter grew and developed. It was concluded that natural milk contains some special substances that are irreplaceable for the body. Later this substance was isolated in its pure form and named "vitamin" (from the Latin word "vita", which means "life").

Fish from the depths

Fish from the depthsToday the ocean floor in the regions of its maximum depths is known much less well than the surface of the Moon and even, perhaps, Mars. Undoubtedly, here in the ocean, many amazing discoveries await us. One of them is almost revealed.

Singer's palette

Singer's palette“This trembling, ringing sound had a strange effect on all of us ... This first sound was followed by another, harder and more drawn out, but still, apparently, trembling like a string, when, suddenly ringing under a strong finger, it vibrates last, quickly dying hesitation ... "Turgenev will use the words" ringing "," ringing "," ringing "many times, describing the singing of Yashka Turk in the story" Singers ". Is this accidental? Was it only auditory perception that guided the author of The Hunter's Notes?

Are there any benefits to tanning?

Is there a benefit to tanningWhen it comes to summer vacations, we often equate sunbathing with the desire to acquire a bronze tan. Moreover, many consider tanning to be a kind of indicator, an indicator of good health.To some extent, one can agree with this, although the essence of the matter is not at all in the very brown color of the skin.

The need for a healthy lifestyle

The need for a healthy lifestyleSpeaking about a healthy lifestyle, a number of recommendations are important, the observance of which is necessary for a comprehensive disclosure of the physiological capabilities of the body, the full use of its adaptive mechanisms in contact with all the variety of factors of the surrounding reality (biological, natural, social). First of all, the following main elements should be highlighted:

Etymology of the names of some nationalities

Etymology of the names of some nationalitiesWhen the Romans had to face the Celtic tribes who settled the vast territories of modern France, Belgium, Switzerland and Northern Italy, they gave their warlike neighbors a common name - Gauls, or roosters, for the Latin word gallus means rooster. The nickname took root, and since then all the listed territories have been called Gaul.

About Russian cuisine

Russian kitchenRecipes for Russian dishes are a phenomenon, and by no means accidental. Ancient Russian cities often arose on the high banks of deep rivers, around, as far as the eye could see, stretched endless fields, meadows, forests. The natural conditions of Russia - the climate, the abundance of water bodies and forests, the breadth of the fields - shaped the economic way of life of our ancestors, their habits and disposition, the nature of their diet.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercisesRhythm rules the world. Rhythm exists in everything: in the movement of the planets and the flapping of the wings of a butterfly, in the fall of raindrops and the growth of an ear of wheat. Human life also obeys a certain rhythm.

Underwater assassins

Underwater assassinsSince ancient times, there have been legends about terrible monsters living in the depths of the sea. With the development of the seas and oceans, the mystery of these legends disappeared, and their characters turned out to be quite prosaic creatures, although sometimes they really represented a mortal danger to humans.

About the ancient Maya

About the ancient MayaIn the middle of the 16th century, troops of the Spanish conquerors poured into the lands of ancient Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. Whole cities were destroyed by fire and sword. The invasion of the conquistadors led to the destruction of the original and amazing culture of the Maya Indians. The ruins of the once blossoming villages spoke about this.

Beaba Babycook Original. Steamer blender overview


Babycook Original Steamer Blender

This model of the steamer-blender is designed by the manufacturer for baby food.
But you can use the device for making pureed soups, vegetable purees for adult food, for dietary and vegetarian food, since the capacity of the device is small, and it is possible to cook 1-2 portions of the finished dish at a time. That is very convenient for dietary meals, preparation of hot, fresh food at one time.

Recipes Week 11 (2019)

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Kenwood CH 580. Chopper overview


Kenwood CH 580. Chopper overview

Choppers, or the English name "chopper" (from the English chopper - to chop) - small devices that in a matter of seconds chop, chop, cut, puree. What exactly and how - already depends on the model, the size of the bowl, the device of the knives. Some will equally easily chop greens, meat and ice, and some ice is an exception.

But, in principle, modern models of any brand + are technically and externally the same, so the chopper / chopper is easy enough to choose, I focus on reviews, my preferences for design, brand trust, etc.

Panasonic NU-SC101. Steam Convection Oven Overview


Panasonic_NU-SC1WZPE01There are a lot of things on our site. And we have tabletop ovens Tabletop ovens, stoves ... And convection ovens at our service Convection ovens Gemlux. And microwaves and steamers ... But for the oven to be 4 in 1 - no.
I know that there are owners of this steamer oven, but there is no topic or review. In my opinion, this circumstance is unfair. I decided to fill the gap because the stove is universal and deserves attention.

Panasonic NU-SC1WZPE01 Steam Convection Oven

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