ValerianThe genus Valerian unites several dozen species that are quite widespread throughout the world.

Some researchers on the territory of Russia have about 40 species, the range of which occupies all areas, except for tundra, semi-deserts, and deserts. Valerian has been known as a medicinal plant since ancient times. The Greek physician Dioscorides, who lived in the 1st century AD, mentions it in his pharmacology. There is no consensus about the origin of the plant's name: some authors believe that it comes from the Latin verb Valere - to be healthy; others associate it with the name of the Roman physician Pliny Valerian. But one way or another, this plant is included in all pharmacopoeias of the world and is grown in many countries, including Russia.

National dishes of Uzbekistan

National dishes of UzbekistanWho doesn't love new cookware? In the everyday life of the peoples of Uzbekistan and Central Asia, the acquisition of new dishes is a whole custom, even a condition, for example, a wedding ceremony. When a girl is given in marriage, her relatives bring a different gift a day or two before the wedding ceramic dishes: half a dozen bowls, cups, a couple of dishes for pilaf, two or three teapots. Of course, the dishes should be not only comfortable, but also, like clothes or music, beautiful, so that the holiday of the soul will be imprinted for a long time.

Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthornSea buckthorn is one of the few wild plants that has rapidly become a widely known new fruit crop. It is even difficult to imagine that only some 20-25 years ago it was known only as a wild-growing useful plant. In the wild, sea buckthorn grows in Siberia and the Caucasus, in Central Asia and in many countries of Europe and Asia. Most often it is a shrub, but there may be a small tree, and sometimes even a large one up to 15 m. Depending on the growing conditions, it also differs greatly in its biological properties. Of the three known types of sea buckthorn, only one grows in our country: sea buckthorn. The local names of this plant are very different: in Siberia and the Far East - dereza, broomstick, gnets, lactarius, broom and even just a thorn, in the Caucasus - dzhakudla, in Central Asia - jeddah.

If hypoglycemia develops

hypoglycemiaDiabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases. There are about 11 million diabetics in our country alone. Unfortunately, there is still no way to cure this disease in the world. There is only one way - to maintain an optimal blood sugar level, that is, to follow a diet, doctor's recommendations regarding prescribed doses of insulin, pills. It is impossible to allow the development of severe and prolonged hypoglycemia, which adversely affects the vessels, the activity of the brain.

Moulinex CE620D32. Description and characteristics of the multicooker

Moulinex CE620D32

Cucumber herb

Cucumber herbIt is also called borage, borage, or even borage; the latter name is used, however, only by botanists. All over the world, cucumber grass is grown rather limitedly, in Russia it is very rare, mainly as a vegetable, melliferous and medicinal plant in vegetable gardens. But in ancient Rome and in medieval Europe, borage was common on the menu of warriors and newlyweds. It used to be believed that flowers help lift the spirit and drive away sadness.

Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda

Aleksandrovskaya SlobodaAleksandrov, the former Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda, is a city with a rich historical past. In the middle of the XIII century. The Pereslavl appanage principality, which included the territory of the present Alexandrov, was inherited from his father by Prince Alexander Nevsky.


HoundsOf all the groups of hunting breeds, hounds are perhaps the most ancient. It was the ability of pickling dogs to pursue an animal with a voice (bark) that was first used by ancient people. It is characteristic that the requirements for these dogs then differed very little from modern ones.They also demanded endurance, viscosity - not to give up the pursuit of the beast, aggressiveness, sensitivity and possession of a sonorous and loud voice.

How to grow good potatoes

How to grow good potatoesThe issue of obtaining decent yields of potatoes in combination with good quality on their plots is now of concern to many residents. In addition, some of them do not have practical skills in working with this culture. The task is complicated by the fact that garden plots, as a rule, are allocated on undeveloped land.

Caution - cicuta!

CicutaTsikuta, or poisonous milestone, is a plant famous for the fact that Socrates was poisoned with it by the verdict of the court. Nowadays, people do not poison hemlock - for the most part they do not know what it looks like.

And yet, we need to know the plant (in another way it is called angelica, cat parsley, pork louse, vyakha, omega, water rabies, water hemlock, mutton, gorigolova, omezhnik).

Russian troika

Russian troikaThis is the name of a horse team made up of three horses harnessed in one row. In the center, under the arc, there is a root, usually a larger and more powerful horse, and on both sides, pull-up horses are harnessed, which, when riding fast, must gallop and, as they say, curl up in a ring for beauty.

Three-horse teams appeared in Rus about 250-300 years ago. They were required for the quick delivery of the sovereign's mail to destinations and the transportation of high-ranking passengers.

Tips for growing gooseberries, raspberries and blackberries

gooseberry raspberry blackberryGooseberry prefers nutritious black earth or well-fertilized clay soil, sufficiently moist, and sunny position. On light and dry soils, large-fruited English gooseberry varieties are completely unsuccessful, and here you can only breed small-fruited gooseberries, which have no industrial value (suitable for winemaking). The gooseberry is more sensitive to frost and sometimes suffers in severe winters, especially on damp, swampy soils.

Green and yellow vegetables

Green and yellow vegetablesEven the legendary Hippocrates considered many plants not only as a source of nutrition, but also as a natural medicine, measured by nature itself in doses necessary for the body. This is confirmed by life itself. It is known that many peoples of the countries of Asia, Africa, America, in whose food numerous types of vegetable plants are more widely used, do not know obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes and many other diseases common in our country. Japan, with more than 180 types of “vegetable menu”, has the longest life expectancy in the world.

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Vitesse VS-427. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

Vitesse VS-427

Varietal cultivation of fruits and berries

Varietal cultivation of fruits and berriesWith a huge variety of apples, they are easier and, first of all, should be subdivided according to the ripening period into 3 groups: summer, autumn and winter. This is not about the date of harvest, but about the ripening of already harvested apples. Varieties of the first group are eaten or processed immediately after harvest, since these fruits spoil literally in a matter of days. The second (autumn) varieties can be preserved without damage for up to 2 months after harvest, but they reach their best conditions after about two weeks of storage.Winter apple varieties (third group) are harvested at the latest, almost with the onset of cold weather, but with prolonged storage at temperatures close to 0 ° C, they become better in taste and aroma, without being spoiled for up to 9 months.

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Drinking Japanese Matcha Tea Reduces Anxiety

Drinking Japanese Matcha Tea Reduces AnxietyAre you leading a very stressful life? Don't worry, Japanese Matcha tea will come to your rescue, as researchers have found that it has various health benefits, such as reducing anxiety.

A study in mice published in the journal Functional Foods found that anxiety behavior in rodents decreased after consuming matcha powder or matcha extract.

Benefits of drinking carrot juice

Benefits of drinking carrot juiceWho doesn't love carrots? It is one of the most delicious root vegetables available worldwide, and now, thanks to organic farming, it is available all year round. Carrots come in different pigments such as red, orange, purple, yellow and can be eaten raw or cooked. It is low in calories, but high in nutrients. Carrots are a versatile ingredient that can be mixed with any other fruit or vegetable for maximum benefits.

Carrot juice is a better and lighter version of eating raw or cooked carrots. Juicing your favorite vegetables and fruits will provide a concentrated mix of all the nutrients you need. Plus, drinking a glass of carrot juice is easier, more effective, and tastier.

Water is a source of health

Water is a source of healthWater, according to scientists, is the cradle of all life on our planet. Neither man, nor animal, nor plant can exist without water.

But the question is: without what water? Perhaps only Dr. Bombar managed to hold out at sea for about a month and a half. And as the experiments of scientists and the sad statistics of shipwrecks show, although there is plenty of water in the seas and oceans, a person still dies in the sea even if there is food on the 5-7th day.

Symptoms of people with latent depression

Symptoms of people with latent depressionUnfortunately, depression, a serious psychological disorder, affects most of the world's population over the years. People who suffer from latent depression tend to fight their inner demons and rarely see it from the outside. Since we live in an era of superficial attitude towards ourselves and others, we do not always reveal our problems to others, but we tend to suppress them.

However, this is not a solution to the problem! To be able to offer help to someone who may be suffering from depression, you need to be able to recognize some of its main symptoms.

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Aloe Vera: Benefits And Ways To Add To Your Diet

Aloe Vera benefits and ways to add it to your dietAloe vera is one of the most famous and widely used plants known for its medicinal and other health benefits. It is not only good for the health of the body, but also good for the skin and hair. Also known as hritkumari in Hindi, aloe vera has found widespread acceptance around the world for its relative ease of cultivation. Aloe plants can be found in vegetable gardens and in pots on windowsills and balconies of multi-storey buildings because this plant grows easily and quickly. It requires minimal maintenance, and the leaf gel (which is the main edible ingredient) can also be easily extracted and used for a variety of purposes.

Philips Viva Collection HD9045 / 30. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

Philips Viva Collection HD9045

5 fun ways to add carrots to your daily meal

5 fun ways to add carrots to your daily mealWhile carrots are very healthy when eaten raw, they may not be the best on their own.

Carrots are one of the healthiest vegetables available to us. Reddish orange vegetables are fortified with beta-carotene, which is incredibly important for healthy vision. In addition, carrots are also low in calories and are one of the most popular vegetables in diets. This means that carrots can aid in weight loss due to the fact that carrots may require more calories to digest than the vegetable itself. Carrots are root vegetables that can play an important role in both main dishes and side dishes.

Morphy Richards 502001. Description and characteristics of the bread machine

Morphy Richards 502001

The motor mode of the student

The motor mode of the studentReduced physical activity of children is a serious threat to their health. That is why in recent years, special attention has been paid to the fight against hypodynamia and hypokinesia.

Children and adolescents, in which the volume of organized physical activity during the week is 6-8 hours, as a rule, are characterized by high mental performance, good physical development, sufficient resistance to fatigue, more favorable indicators of the functional state of the central nervous system, good immune reactivity.

Like everything alive

Like everything aliveMan is the master of the world. And at the same time, he is a representative of only one of more than a million species of living things that live on Earth. Perhaps it is worth giving the full zoological "title" of the crown of nature:

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